Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 3

Sat 15 November 14


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm/Winter league round 3. Saturday 15th November 14

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Team: Daiwa/Banbury Gunsmiths

Sponsor : Daiwa

Venue: Tunnel Barn Farm

Peg drawn: House Pool peg 33


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastic: Blue Hydro elastic and double preston 6 for the margins.

Mainline: Reflo 0.13 on long pole rigs

Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.10

Hook pattern: Kamasan B911 F1 hooks in sizes 18/16

Floats: MW F1 carbons on all rigs in sizes 4×10 – 4×14.

Bait: 4mm expander pellets and micro pellets for feed. 4 pints of red maggots.

The draw: Our team draw was as follows

Pete Caton was on New Pool peg 39, a decent enough peg on the lake. Stu Palsar was on the Club Pool peg 9, a peg he knows very well as this time last year he framed from it. So he felt confident enough. Mark Pollard found himself on the same peg as the previous round, 38 on Extension Pool. This is a very consistent peg in the winter so fancied he would do well from it. I was on House Pool peg 33, this is one of my favourite pegs on the lake, even though once it gets colder it can be a struggle here.

The office for the day

Set up: My rigs were quite simple as its a shallow peg where a few rigs will cover most lines due to its similar depths. Two 4×12 MW slims for the deeper water in front of me and two 4×10 MW slims for across the pond against the reeds. All rigs are similar with slight variations to shotting as for maggot rigs I like a semi strung bulk of shot. And for pellet rigs I like a more positive bulk and two droppers down and nearer the hook length.

The session:

I knew I was up against some very good inform pegs on the day, with peg 29 again having a Team Guru angler on it in the form of Miles Levy. This is a fantastic winter peg with room and many options, I thought this would be too tough to beat but knew I could beat some of the other pegs so was up for a good point score from here. After hour one I had plenty of bites from the lakes newer stock fish, these are about 4 to the pound so was happy to put them in the net in the hope a few bigger older fish will come at some point. After two hours I noticed the pegs on the deeper dam wall were catching very well on maggots close into the bank, this was quite unusual for the time of year and worried me as they were much bigger fish. I was falling behind. I made the switch from pellets to maggots after two hours in the hope I could spark a response from the bigger F1’s. Within minutes of lowering the double red maggots in the float dipped and a big F1 was on. After this fish I never really had many other bites so I switched lines to 11m across the pond and caught two fish in two drops, these were about a pound each and normally shoal up. Again they never hung about so I moved again to a line to my right at 7m with maggot again the bait,two small stockies came quickly and again nothing much after. With just over an hour and half left I felt I had about 30lb in the net so needed a good late run to claw some points back…

Then it changed drastically! I went back onto my middle line at 6m and with maggots, it switched on and never looked back. Big F1’s came steadily, I couldn’t get the rig in quick enough. I hadn’t really done anything different to what I was doing in the earlier hours just felt they arrived and wanted to feed. I also noticed the angler opposite me catching better so it was our turn to catch up on some of the anglers who caught better in the early hours. I really didn’t want the whistle to blow and that felt like the quickest hour and half I have ever experienced. I was one of the late to weigh so had a chance to follow the scales around the lake. 110lb was top from peg 9, this angler caught some very big fish late and knew I wouldn’t beat that. The next pegs to him on the dam wall weighed in 95 and 99lb, so again felt I didn’t have that kind if weight. Miles on peg 29 weighed in a fantastic 118lb and was sure to win the match. The angler next to me weighed 50lb. My two nets went just under 98lb which was to my surprise as I must have had 70lb in the final hour and a half! 4th out if 20 pegs, I was pleased with that as I was also in the main frame in 6th place. On the team front we came 3rd on the day in the team frame as they pay 3! A good day all round.

The result on a hard day

Team result:

Pete Caton New Pool 39 – 12 points

Mark Pollard Extension 38 – 14 points

Stuart Palsar Club 9 – 19 points

Amer Jawad House Pool 33 – 17 points

Team: 62 points.

Result: Individual.

1) Miles Levy (Guru) – 118-11
2) Steve Ringer (Guru) – 118-3
3) Chris Hill (Barston) – 110-10
4) Jarrad Smith (DS Floats) – 106-15
5) John Ashwell (Maver Gold) – 99-2
6) Amer Jawad (Daiwa/Banbury Gunsmiths) 97-13


On reflection I drove home again just 1lb short of another point, so that’s two pounds short of 4 more points in two rounds! So many good anglers and always so close on the lakes, so every pound really does count come the weigh in! But after half way I knew I was playing catch up and what a finish to a match, never had such a strong finish to a match where lumps haven’t played a part. Very enjoyable round again, roll on the next round in three weeks.


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