Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 9

Sat 07 February 15


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm winter league, round 9

Date: Saturday 7th February 2015.

20 teams of 4 (80 anglers) over 5 lakes…

House Pool/Extension Pool/New Pool/Top and Club Pools.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa Sports UK.

Peg drawn: House Pool – Peg1


Pole: Daiwa Air Pole

Elastic: Pink Hydro elastic

Line: Reflo 0.10 hook lengths, 0.11 main line.

Hooks: Drennan Silverfish match size 20 and 18 for maggots. And B911 F1 for pellet.

Floats: Mick Wilkinson F1 slims in 6 ×11 – 10 × 11. And carbon slims in 4×12 and 4×14.

Bait: 2 pints of red maggots, 1 pint of pinkies, 4mm expander pellets, 2mm expander pellets and fishery micro pellets for feeding.

Team Draw:

Amer Jawad – House Pool peg 1
Mark Pollard – Extension peg 38
Stu Palsar – New Pool peg 4
Pete Caton – Club 5

The office for the day

The match:

With very a very cold week and overnight temperatures I wast surprised to see all the lakes with at least an inch of ice covering. When I arrived at my peg I noticed the ice was much thinner and could be broken with my pole! I had another aerator in my peg and was told they had them turned on up until Thursday. I was worried that if the small stockie F1’s didn’t feed where I was then I was up against it as that’s about all that has been coming off this peg in recent weeks.

I broke two main channels with my pole, one straight in front against the aerator where it was the deepest part of my swim and still only a number 3 section deep! Probably the shallowest peg I have drawn on any lake at the fishery! The second channel was broke slightly to the right where there is a tree overhanging to the water. I started on pellets at 6m to the right of the channel, after 30mins I never had a bite so switched to the line on the left of the channel and slightly further out. I tapped in 3-4 micro pellets and had a 2mm expander pellet as hook bait. Another 20 minutes and still no bites! After two hours and still no bites off any lines I feared I had drawn badly again. I heard the angler opposite me behind the island hadn’t had a bite either and Paul Yates on peg 21 round the back to my left was also dry netting. I stuck with my approach as I felt it was right and had my first bite on pellet, a small stockie about 6oz’s.

I had odd bites for the next hour which were the slightest of bites on the bristle. After 3 and a half hours I had put together 22 small stockie F1’s and two better older fish. All the time I was throwing 3-4 maggots on my 5-6m line. I went onto maggots short and no bites, so tried maggot long on a line I hadn’t had a bite from which was against the aerator, again no bites from here. Back short and still nothing. It was so difficult I just knew I needed one last run of fish which would propel me a bit. As I was also up against the Club pool I felt I just hadn’t a chance. Last 20 minutes on the short line on maggots and caught 4 Gudgeon and a small perch to end a disappointing match.

The scales came round to me and I noticed peg 4 weighed 11lb, peg 33 had 8lb, Paul Yates on 21 had 7lb and my fish went just under 11lb. I beat three anglers on the club pool and a few on my lake so it wasn’t as Bad as I had feared. The weights just for better to my right where pegs 6/7 and 9 all caught 16/21 and 24lb weights. The match was won individually with only 44lb which shows how much harder it fished today.

Team result:

On the plus point, our team result was very good and we managed 61 points and finished just 1 point short of winning the day. We are now only 4 points from 3rd and 17 points short of second place. So we are in with a shout of a top 3 finish which would be great as I have never fished for a team that hasn’t managed that in this league.

My rewards for the day


Reflecting on my day and match, I felt I had done as much as I could have done from without doubt the hardest part of the lake. To have got the points I did was pleasing but would always like more especially when another 1lb would have given the team 3 more points!


Visit the Website: http://www.sensasmatch.co.uk/


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