Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 8

Sat 24 January 15


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm winter league, round 8

Date: Saturday 24th January 2015.

20 teams of 4 (80 anglers) over 5 lakes…

House Pool/Extension Pool/New Pool/Top and Club Pools.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa Sports UK.

Peg drawn: New Pool – Peg 21


Pole: Daiwa Air Pole

Elastic: Pink Hydro elastic and blue Hydro elastic for bread rigs.

Line: Reflo 0.10 hook lengths, 0.11 main line.

Hooks: Drennan Silverfish match size 20 and 18 for maggots. And B911 F1 for pellet.

*Float*s: Mick Wilkinson F1 slims in 6 ×11 – 10 × 11. And carbon slims in 4×12 and 4×14.

Bait: 2 pints of red maggots, 4mm expander pellets, fishery micro pellets. A few slices of bread.

Ground bait: Small amount of Sensas black lake and fishmeal.

Team Draw:

Amer Jawad – New Pool 21
Mark Pollard – Extension 17
Stu Palsar – Club 5
Pete Caton – Club 16

The match:

Arriving at my peg I felt quite confident of getting really good section points from the peg. Even though the peg came last on the lake a week ago, it also produced 40lb the day after! The only problem was it was frozen over when it produced and the fish fed well in the deep water that day but not so when it was free of ice. Today there was no ice, it’s simply one of those pegs that if they want to be in the deep water there is no deeper water than what is in front of me today. But if they want shallower water then i’am in trouble.

My approach was quite simple as its deep all over the peg, so I set up rigs for each line and also duplicate pole rigs. I found a full top 3 depth at 13m and stayed that depth past that. At 6m in front it was slightly shallower but still a good 6ft deep. I also plumbed left and right of the swim and found the same depth, slightly shallower towards the peg on my left (Peg 22).

I started on pellets at 6m in front of me, after giving this a good 20 minutes and no bites I decided on switching this to maggots. I had a response straight away but not from one of the lakes big F1’s but a skimmer of about 6 oz’s. I could see F1’s being caught on the roadside pegs to my left about 4-6 pegs away, but around me nobody had a single F1 after an hour. The second hour wasn’t much better and now I had moved out onto the 13m line which was my banker line. After ten minutes another hand size skimmer. Not good at all, I stuck with this approach just feeding two to three red maggots at a time in the hope of drawing an F1 or two. The angler on my left had nothing and the angler on my right (19) had his first F1 after two hours. Half way in and I had to make my fourth move and still no F1’s, but I could see an odd one rolling around the area I was in so knew they were there, they just weren’t feeding in the deeps. At this point I decided on two changes, on the line that was slightly shallower to my left I put one small ball of ground bait laced with pinkies in at 14m and to my right at 14m I switched to feeding 4-6 pinkies in the pot at a time. My first drop on the left line over the ground bait produced a bite straight away and a skimmer about 10oz’s, this was followed by another 3 in the same amount of drops all on double pinkie. After 3 hours I had my first F1 on double pinkie over the ground bait, it was a decent fish too going a good 3lb! Still the anglers around catching nothing at this point so I felt confident I could get a few fish now.

Things slowed so I put in another small ball laced with a few pinkies and left this line and switched to the 14m line and pinkies. Nothing for 10 minutes then the float dipped and another F1 came to the net, followed by another 2 fish. Then nothing for 15 minutes. By now I was into the last hour and all match I had been feeding maggots at 6m in front of me so now was the time to have a look here. First drop the float flew under and another hand size skimmer then nothing. Back onto my left line over ground bait produced 6 more skimmers on pinkie. Back into the right line at 14m and one more F1 and no more bites until the whistle blew.

So I ended the match with 5 F1’s and probably a similar weight of skimmers.

The scales arrived and the roadside was much better with the average weights going 25lb. And a 54lb lake win off peg 25. The angler on my left weighed 6lb and caught all skimmers and no F1’s, my fish went 16lb and the angler on the peg to my right weighed 9lb of mostly small skimmers and one F1. So to sum up a very difficult day. I managed to beat a few on the lake and had last on the lake to my left and second to last on the lake to my right, so little I could do about it today.

Team result:

Our team result was good considering my low points today, this was pleasing as I thought on paper we had potentially a difficult draw. 55 points we had and the winning team scored 67 points. Guru look like they are going to take the spoils this year after another great performance, but the way the fish are shoaled this winter any team can bomb!


Driving home I was thinking about how the league has gone for me this year with only two rounds left. 4 good matches and 3 bad matches is not what I am use to at Tunnel Barn, but the way the lakes are split and getting pegs on the wrong days is what is making this year a yoyo league. This has also had a bearing on the team results. One team was 68 points clear of us two rounds ago now only 6 ahead!


Visit the Website: http://www.sensasmatch.co.uk/


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