Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 7

Mon 19 January 15


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm winter league, round 7.

Date: Saturday 17th January 2015.

20 teams of 4 (80 anglers) over 5 lakes…

House Pool/Extension Pool/New Pool/Top and Club Pools.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa Sports UK.

Peg drawn: New Pool – Peg 41.


Pole: Daiwa Air Pole

Elastic: Pink Hydro elastic and blue Hydro elastic for bread rigs.

Line: Reflo 0.10 hook lengths, 0.11 main line.

Hooks: Drennan Silverfish match size 20 and 18.

Floats: Mick Wilkinson F1 slims in 6 ×11 and car in slims in 4×12 and 4×14.

Bait: 2 pints of red maggots, 4mm expander pellets, fishery micro pellets. A few slices of bread.

Team Draw:

Amer Jawad – New Pool 41
Mark Pollard – Club 20
Stu Palsar – Top 21
Pete Caton – Extension 24

The match:

With very cold overnight temperatures I thought it could be a potentially difficult day even for Tunnel Barn standards. I arrived at my peg to find it was completely covered in ice with a light dusting of snow on the top. I never felt the ice would move as it was 1/4 inch thick. The next peg in is 44 and that was free of ice as the wind caught the peg and a peg I fancied as its had some good form of late. It has a large reed bed and is slightly deeper than my peg which is probably the shallowest peg on the lake. I started to clear the ice as England International angler Des Shipp made his way to peg 44. I had my work cut out with Des on the peg. Last time we drew next to each other was on the same venue and on that day Des beat me by the narrowest of margins of 12oz’s! So even though I was on a bit of a handicap with peg and ice I owed him one. I cleared three channels, one to my right, straight out in front and to my left. With no features and shallow water in front I set about my match on pellet to start. With. 5 minutes gone Des had a fish on bread against the opposite reed bed, my start was a bit slower, but after 10 minutes I had a finicky bite on pellet and lifted into an F1 around a pound and a half. Des had caught two more fish on bread so I was a bit behind now. After an hour and 3 more F1’s on pellet I switched to maggots, only skimmers on maggots so I left that line and moved onto the middle line and back on pellets.

Des Shipp Not who I wanted on peg 44!

The middle line produced two more F1’s and a couple of decent skimmers. The anglers around that I could see seemed to be catching just odd fish so I felt I was up with the rest with what I had in the net already. With anglers around me like Des, Steve Hemingray, Jamie Hughes to name a few I had to keep ahead of the game and not let anything slip.

After half way I felt I was 7-9lb ahead of Des and also ahead of Jamie and knew if I can stay ahead of these anglers I would get good points. I wanted 10 – 12 points from my peg and felt if I could get that we could win as a team on the day. With two hours to go I was searching all over my peg for a run of decent fish, I plumbed around for fish and found odd fish but needed a better run. I decided to see the final hour out on maggots down the middle as the ice started to melt and move around. Des started to catch well coming into the final hour, I got regular bites but off the lakes IDE. I caught about 15 IDE on the bounce for around 3lb but with Jamie and Des catching much better now I felt my long time lead was slipping away.

On the Whistle:

The whistle blew and I knew my good match fell at the final hurdle, I didn’t get the run of fish that I needed and noticed the anglers to my right who also had the ice melting also suffering the same fate as me and not catching in the last hour very well. The scales arrived and Jamie Hughes had weighed 32lb so that was my hopeful target to beat. My fish went 30lb 3oz’s so fell short. Des weighed 37lb so had done me again at the final hour. Well done Des.

Team result:

I had a great battle with some of the best anglers around who are far better than me at this game, so from where I was felt very happy to score 13 points and help my team to 2nd place on the day out of the 20 teams. Team Guru who had an iffy team draw I thought, did very well to pip us by 3 points and now lead the league.

Individually the best weights came from the prolific Club Pool up one end of the lake


My usual long drive home gives me time to reflect on my match. I was very happy with the team result today, another 1lb would have given me 4 more points so one lost big F1 under the ice was costly! Still where can I go and catch 30lb through the ice. Great day all round.



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