Tunnel Barn Open Match

Sat 20 December 14


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm, open match. Saturday 20th December 2014.

Lake – New Pool

Anglers fished: 23

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Daiwa/Sensas

Venue: Tunnel Barn Farm

Peg drawn: New Pool peg 33


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastic: Preston slip double 5. Pink Daiwa Hydrolastic.

Mainline: Reflo 0.10 and 0.11

Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.9 and 0.10

Hook pattern: Kamasan B911 F1 in sizes 20 and 18

Floats: MW F1 slims 4 × 12. Sensas pencil float in 4 × 16 Sensas pencil float.

Bait: 3 pints of maggots and pellets.

The draw:

I was told today’s match was on Extension Pool, but when I got there a few more anglers had booked on so it was decided that the match would be moved onto the New Pool as it can take a few more anglers giving all a bit of room. As I watched the pegs being out in the bag the two pegs I feared getting were 4 and 33 as these are not very good winter pegs on the lakes. The angler in front of me pulled out peg 4 so that only left one iffy peg. My turn to put my hand in and out came peg 33! Probably shouldn’t concentrate on the bad pegs and just the good…

Set up:

Peg 33 is a very narrow peg to fish, being only 11m wide. The peg hasn’t been very good this winter and last week in the winter league I noticed on the results it came last on the lake with only 10lb! So with this in mind I still always feel I should approach the difficult pegs as I would a good peg, with confidence. When plumbing the peg I found it was all over the place depth wise and the far bank shelf was very steep and not flat areas at all. The wind was blowing strongly down from right to left which would make presentation difficult. I set up slightly bigger rigs than normal as the tow was strong and the water was fairly deep in the areas I planned to fish. 0.20 gram was the lightest rig and 0.50 gram was my biggest rig.

The session:

I decided to start on pellets in the deep water at 5-6m out, first drop the float dipped and a gudgeon was on the end! I had a run of gudgeon for 5 minutes and decided to switch to maggot. After 20 minutes I caught my first F1 which was a good 2lb so now had something to work on. Looking around and having the best angler at Tunnel Barn only two pegs away, Stu Palsar I could see what was going on and gauge how well i’am doing. Stu caught a run of good skimmers averaging 10oz’s which do tend to live around pegs 29-31and he was catching odd F1’s. The angler on peg 44 opposite Stu was also catching better than most I could see. I got my head down and gave myself a 30lb target which I thought was realistic from this peg and could be enough for top 5 in the match. The first hour ended with three F1’s and a few gudgeon.

The second hour was similar and again three F1’s which I caught to my right into the wind, no bites at all to my left which was worrying as this is where I have most water to go at. Andy Jackson on my left had only caught two fish after two hours on my left off peg 35 and that is normally a good area! Coming into the third hour I came back onto my short line but slightly up the peg to my right only a metre away from my original line and caught two quick fish here and then nothing. I was quite happy with how things were going but just needed a run of fish which I just couldn’t get. Stu two pegs up had about 5 more fish than me and was able to catch them towards the island to his right. Looking around the lake I was looking to have similar to others which was ok as most are better pegs so I wasn’t far off the pace.

Final Hour:

Now into the last hour I hoped I could claw back a few pounds and get into the frame as my 12 fish was looking a bit short of what I needed. Pegs 42 and 44 with Steve Ringer on 42 was catching better fishing into his left hand margin, against a platform. I felt I was ahead of him most of the match but now he caught three or so better fish late there and I was still only nicking odd fish. I hooked what seemed like an F1 which swam towards me only to notice it was a carp about 5lb which decided to start swimming around my platform, I went to scoop it and broke my hook length as I went to scoop! Costly! Stu had a run of fish late straight out in front of him towards the channel on maggots and was looking like he would have 40lb ish. The whistle went and I ended up with 15 F1’s and a few IDE and gudgeon. I was first to weigh in and put just under 29lb on the scales which was about what I thought I had Stu weighed 44lb and there was another 40lb from peg 19. Pete Caton drew my favourite peg on the lake, peg 7 and caught a fantastic 54lb to win the match, well done Pete. 33lb was fifth in the match




The drive home from Tunnel Barn never gets any shorter, but always gives me time to reflect on my matches there. I was happy with the result from the peg I drew today as I feel there are 21 better pegs, so to come 8th and only 7lb off 4th was about as much as I could have done, the lost carp which was a school boy error on my part would have got me 5th. But enjoyed the match, you don’t always have to win to enjoy yourself. Great field of anglers here and tough to beat wherever you draw.

Tight Lines

Amer Jawad


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