Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 6

Sat 03 January 15


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm Winter League, Round 6. Saturday 3rd Jan 2015.

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsor : Sensas UK/Daiwa

Venue: Tunnel Barn Farm.

Peg drawn: Extension peg 2.


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastics: Blue Hydro/Preston Slip 5 (doubled)

Hook lengths: 0.10 Reflo on all rigs.

Hook pattern: B911 F1 in sizes 20/18’s.

Floats: MW F1 slims in sizes 6 × 11 and 4 ×14.

Bait: Red maggots/4mm pellets and micro pellets.

Our team draw:

On arriving today I was hoping today being my first match of 2015 after a great year last year, we could get some good team draws that will kick start 2015 off well. The draw had already been made when I walked in of which Pete Caton handed me the set of draws we had.

Pete Caton – Top 33
Stu Palsar – New 13
Mark Pollard – Club 14
Amer Jawad – Extension 2

Well my hopes of a good start went out of the window there and then! Hearing how some of leading teams had drawn on the lakes also made matters worse for us with them getting some very good draws. Still I always go prepared to do my best and hope its better than previous results from a bad draw have proven.

The office for the day

The session:

On arriving at my peg the one big problem with peg 2 is that its double pegged, but double pegged so tight in a tough area. I guessed it was only 6 yards from the next anglers peg to my right! With F1 fishing you need to be able to move around, especially in the winter and this peg gives little opportunity for that. I plumbed up across and it was very shallow with little features, just a mud bank.

Pegging was tight to say the least

My starting approach was to try and catch short on pellet, but after seeing the anglers to my left in the better winter pegs catching from the off long I soon came off it with no bites and turned this line into a maggot line. My second line produced no bites and was a line I really thought I would catch on, so I moved again to a slightly shallower line at 13m across in 3ft of water. By now over an hour had gone and I hadn’t had a bite! The angler close to me on peg 3 had one roach and the anglers to his left were catching against the far bank reed bed. The anglers in the fancied pegs opposite caught from the off too so my fears of this draw were becoming reality. Finally after an hour and a half I had a bite and an F1, this came from the 3ft deep line towards the empty peg 1 which was to my left. Hoping for a run of fish from here just didn’t happen and not another bite from this line. I put another line in at 13m down my peg in the deeper water and caught two small stockies and a run of skimmers about 4oz’s each so as this was my most consistent line I stuck with it for an hour and put about 6-7lb of these in the net, all the time falling behind the other pegs opposite and to my left. The angler two pegs down had stopped catching after a good start but the anglers to his left were catching better going into the bend of the lake and onto the opposite bank. So I made my mind up to fish along the far side at 14-16m and work along to see if I could get a run of fish with only two hours to go.

Final hour:

I was on about 10lb with an hour to go and looking like a bottom two on the lake as it stood only beating the angler on my right, so I needed a good last hour. I managed 4 F1’s across but whilst i was fishing across the angler on my right caught better to his right down the peg and I was looking at a very low point score in the face! I was guessing I had around 17-18lb which I knew just wouldn’t be enough today from this lake. When the scales arrived at my peg there was three weights below 10lb so it wasn’t as bad as I feared. My fish went just under 20lb and also beat one or two other weights on the board. Team wise we fell short about 20 points from the leaders today.


A very tough match to start my year off, it was a difficult draw on the day with the weights around the lake all coming very much together. I made a mistake by stopping feeding the maggot line short today as the anglers to my right caught well here late when I was fishing long. But even a couple more fish would only have given me one more point. I just needed a run of fish which I usually find at some point when I fish these lakes, but not today. Still I always enjoy my matches here and just have to put it down to experience and take something from the match I fished today.


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