Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 2

Mon 10 November 14


Event: Round 2 Tunnel Barn Farm winter league. Saturday Nov 1st 2014.

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Team: Daiwa/Banbury Gunsmiths

Sponsor : Daiwa

Venue: Tunnel Barn Farm

Peg drawn: New Pool peg 10


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastic: Blue Hydro elastic and double preston 6 for the margins.

Mainline: Reflo 0.13 on long pole rigs

Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.11

Hook pattern: Kamasan B911 F1 hooks in sizes 18/16

Floats: MW F1 carbons on all rigs. Sizes from 4×10, 4×12 and 4×14

Bait: 4mm expander pellets and micro pellets for feed. 4 pints of red maggots.

The draw:

My Office for the day

Our team draw was made up of Stu Palsar on Top 21, Mark Pollard on Extension 38, Pete Caton on Club 13 and me on New Pool 10. A steady draw I felt with only Pete Caton’s peg being a tough draw. I was happy with my peg as we are all on the same lake, and its decent peg on the lake.

The session:

The Match started, I decided to start on pellet at 5m slightly to my right as the wind was quite strong and blowing from left to right, and could control the rig better. I had a good enough start on pellet catching a quick run of decent F1’s, then they got smaller as the stockies took over. I moved to a new line and again small stockies played havoc. Coming into the second hour I made a change to maggot which only produced odd F1’s and skimmers, no real pattern so far with two hours gone. Steve Ringer was on the next peg to my right and was catching better by now after a slow start, he was fishing maggot which wasn’t working for me. It was difficult to feed the maggots by hand as the wind was making it hard to feed where I wanted to. I decided to go back on pellet and stick with it as time was running out if I was to beat some of the very best commercial anglers in the country on my lake including Steve Ringer, Adam Wakelin and Jamie Hughes!

Final hour…

Coming into the final hour I was catching much better by now but so was Steve, I knew coming into the final few minutes I should have just stuck to my guns and fished pellet all match, this was proven when the whistle blew and the scales revealed my 95lb was a good weight on the lake but only 10lb off winning the lake and 1lb off Jamie, and 5oz off third! So only 4 more F1’s from winning the lake, a lesson learnt. Enjoyed the battle with Steve, to keep up with an angler of his standard.


It was a very enjoyable round with plenty of good weights over all lakes. The league is made up of the finest anglers in the country, you have little room for a bad hour or two! On reflection my choice to switch to maggots was a bad one, my peg was good enough for a lake win and should have stuck to my guns. I was 1lb short of Jamie Hughes and 5oz short of another angler in my 20 pegs. Happy enough with 17 pts out of 20. Roll on round 3…

Team result:

Pete Caton 2 pts
Mark Pollard 13 pts
Stuart Palsar 20pts.
Amer Jawad 17 pts

Team: 52 pts


Visit the Website: https://www.facebook.com/amer.jawadfishing?fref=ts