Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 10

Sat 14 February 15


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm winter league, round 10 (Final round)

Date: Saturday 14th February 2015.

20 teams of 4 (80 anglers) over 5 lakes…

House Pool/Extension Pool/New Pool/Top and Club Pools.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa Sports UK.

Peg drawn: Extension Pool – Peg 7


Pole: Daiwa Air Pole

Elastic: Pink Hydro elastic and Solid 6 elastic.

Line: Reflo 0.10 hook lengths, 0.11 main line. 0.9 – 0.11 also.

Hooks: Drennan Silverfish match size 20 and 18 for maggots. And B911 sizes 20’s and 18’s F1 for pellet.

Floats: Mick Wilkinson F1 slims in 6 ×11 – 10 × 11. And carbon slims in 4×12 and 4×14.

Bait: 2 pints of red maggots, 1 pint of pinkies, 4mm expander pellets, 2mm expander pellets and fishery micro pellets for feeding.

Team Draw:

Amer Jawad – Extension pool peg 7
Mark Pollard – Top pool peg 1
Stu Palsar – House pool peg 29
Pete Caton – New Pool peg 1

The match:

Finding myself on a lake and peg I really didn’t fancy wasn’t what I wanted for this final round match. As much as its a team event getting a decent draw makes life so much easier. But as always I give it my all and that was the plan today.

Peg 7 is a narrower peg than most on the lake and also one of the shallower pegs, it has a long reed bed opposite which holds the lakes small stockies that average around 4 – 5 to the pound. With this in mind I put three rigs up for fishing against the far side reeds and two rigs for the deeper water in front of me, which was about 4ft. Another two rigs were assembled for the deeper water in the bowl towards peg 8, this is an area that can be very good as peg 9 has no visible island but a sunken island and holds some of the lakes bigger carp.

The first hour was very slow, but been getting used to that the past few rounds, only a few small stockies on pellet. The second hour I decided on a switch to maggot across as I was going nowhere on pellets. Instantly I had my first proper F1 about a pound and half. I felt better fishing this and now had something to work on. I had to double ship the pole out as the angler behind me was only 4m away so maggot was easier to fish this way. A few more small stockies and then moved further to my left which seemed better as more fish were topping that way. The anglers to my left caught almost instantly and it was far better that way for me today. Lifting and dropping the rig wasn’t working at all, seemed better to just leave the rig and wait for a bite to develop. After three hours I estimated around 18lb in my net which was top half from what I could see, Jonny Arthur on peg 9 had a few small roach which didn’t fill me with hope to move late into the bowl to my right. Then he started to catch some carp on dobbin bread just over the sunken island. The next two hours I spent chasing the carp in the hope I could snare one of them too. The angler opposite Jon on peg 19 who was also looking at a low point score moved over to the sunken island and also latched onto a few of the bigger carp that live there. For me it was one F1 a skimmer and two roach! So I had made a bad move and should have stayed fishing against the reeds for the remainder of the match. Jon recorded a brilliant two hours and weighed 52lb the angler opposite weighed 32lb, two more weights in the 30’s after that. So my weight of 20lb 9oz’s was short of what I needed for top 5.

The scales had proved my decision was the wrong one as two anglers beat me by ounces and another two beat me by a pound! I came half way on the lake but knew I should have done a lot better.

Team results on the day

League result overall…

Team Guru – 575
Match Fishing Draw bags – 556
MAP – 551
Drennan/Banbury gunsmiths – 539
Barston – 539
Shakespeare – 523

Individual league:

1) Stuart Palsar 116 pts
2) Paul Yates 107 pts
3) Steve Ringer 106 pts

I finished in 24th position with 84 pts.

Reflection over the league:

I had a very good start to the league when the fish were more spread out, once the colder weather hit my draws became tough and was a struggle for me finding few fish from some of the hardest areas of the lakes. I certainly didn’t get the rub of the green, but that happens and we move on. Enjoyable league overall and the best team certainly won the event. Well done to team Guru and also well done to Tunnel Barn farm staff and owners for running a great event. So another league over and for me a league that is just that bit too far for me to commit to now, so I have decided to look for something different next winter without the massive 3 month commitment, 2000 plus miles and 12 hour plus days!


Visit the Website: http://www.sensasmatch.co.uk/


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