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Sat 25 October 14


Event: Round 1 Tunnel Barn Farm winter league. Saturday October 25th.

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Team: Daiwa/Banbury Gunsmiths

Sponsor : Daiwa

Venue: Tunnel Barn Farm

Peg drawn: House Pool peg 31


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastic: Blue Hydrolastic and double Preston 6 for the margins.

Mainline: Reflo 0.13 on long pole rigs

Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.11

Hook pattern: Kamasan B911 F1 hooks in sizes 18/16

Floats: MW F1 carbons on all rigs.

Bait: 4mm/6mm expander pellets and micro pellets for feed. 4 pints of red maggots.

The draw: Our team draw me on House Pool peg 31, Mark Pollard on New Pool peg 33, Stuart Palsar on Extension 3 and Pete Caton on Top Pool peg 5. A decent enough draw but the pegging this year is a bit right in places, as Stuart found out on Extension.

Set up:

This peg is perched out on a platform about 4m from the bank so it has deeper water close in, here I used 4×12 MW F1 slims on both sides of my platform. In front I set up two 4×14 MW F1 slims to be fished at full depth which was about 5ft of water. I also had set up two shallow rigs (4×10) MW F1 slims, set at 2ft and 18 inches.

My peg for the day

The session:

I decided to feed maggots out of my hand to the left platform and pellets to my right platform. Maggots in front at between 5-6m. And also hope to catch some shallow fish on these lines chasing them in and out on these lines.

The first hour I managed a steady run of small stockies and two pound plus skimmers at 5m, so a quick look down to my left margin was needed, one small Perch, so I left that line and looked to my right margin and no bites, this was worrying as these two areas are normally banker lines!

Back out on the 5m line in front produced a few bigger F1’s, but it wasn’t going mad. The angler to my right in the end peg was catching best and Pemb Writing on my left on peg 29 was doing well in his near margin. I was behind both after the first two hours. I kept with what I as doing as I felt it was the right approach, I just needed to string a few fish together and felt they would come. A lot of fish were rolling up to my left in open water, I decided to up my maggot feed and this worked very well going into the third hour. I felt I had now overtaken both anglers on the two ends left and right. Flicking my rig past the feed area was much better than straight over the maggot feed, this prompted me to have a few looks shallow but nothing!

The last hour I noticed Pemb on 29 catching very well shallow and now was a good 10lb ahead of me. I decided to feed micro pellets short to the side of my platform on a top 3 kit in the hope I could catch a few big late F1’s there. 10 minutes after doing this I noticed bubbles where I had fed these micro pellets so decided to have a look there. I caught 6 big F1’s off this line, and lost my last fish on the whistle. The angler to my right came last on the lake with 44lb, Pemb caught very well in the last hour or so to win the lake with a fantastic 110lb and I was third with just under 90lb beaten by end peg 1 and 29. I finished on 16 pts out of the 20 and was pleased with that.

Catch shot


Match Fishing drawbags produced a fantastic 72 pt score only dropping 8 pts! Team Guru second on 66 pts, Map/Bait-tec third with 62 pts, Barston fourth on 59 pts and my team 5th on 56 pts.

Individual: Aidan Mansfield produced a fantastic 147lb shallow off peg 33 on Top pool to win comfortably. Well done that man. 98lb was last man in the main frame today. Great league made up of some of the best anglers in the country.

Team places after round one

Match Fishing drawbags – 70pts
Guru – 66pts
Map – 62
Barston – 59pts
Daiwa/Banbury GS – 56pts

Daiwa Banbury points breakdown:

Pete Caton on Top pool came back with 68lb and 11pts.
Mark Pollard on New pool 33 recorded 58lb and 9pts.
Stuart Palsar who was tightly pegged on Extension 3 won his lake 20pts.
Amer Jawad 16 pts.

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