Tunnel Barn Christmas Pairs


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm Christmas pairs open match. Monday 29th December 2014.

Anglers fished: 58 (29 pairs)

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa

Venue: Tunnel Barn Farm

Peg drawn: Peg 25 (House Pool)


Mainline: Reflo 0.11

Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.9

Hook pattern: Kamasan B911 F1 in size 18 and Drennan Silver fish size 20.

Floats: 4 × 11 and 6 × 11 MW F1 slims.

Bait: 2 pints of red maggots. 4mm expander pellets and fishery micro pellets.

The draw:

We nominated our sections this morning with my partner for the day, John Ashwell happy to go on B- section which would put him on Top Pool or New Pool and me on A – section which would give me an Extension or a House Pool draw. I drew John on Top Pool peg 33 which I was more than happy with and me on House Pool 25 which took me by surprise as its a peg very rarely used in winter matches. I was quietly confident with our draw as I have been on my peg twice before and won the lake off it in the winter, albeit a few years ago. I was up against better pegs on my lake and Extension which would also be in my section! The pegging on my lake was tighter than normal but not so on Extension which I felt would make it interesting.

My office for the day

Set up:

The peg I was on is quite an easy peg to fish really as its only 9 metres wide and faces along the island. The first thing I had to do was break the ice which was only about quarter of an inch thick after minus -3 overnight temperatures. I made two channels through the ice, one against the island and one along the middle to 14 metres. A very simple plan of action for me with 5 pole rigs, two pellet rigs and three maggot rigs all coupled with MW F1 slims. Elastics used in all kits were pink Hydro elastic.

The session:

Its always interesting when fishing through the ice, how long it takes to get a bite? Well I had one first drop as the float settled. A small newly stocked fish about 4 oz’s. I was pleased to see the stockies were in front of me as I am a firm believer that the bigger ones are never far from them. I had Guru backed angler Paul Holland for company on my left and noticed he was into the older bigger F1’s early on fishing maggots. I had started on pellets as I feel this is always a good gauge on the fishing and prefer to start on pellets then switch to maggots if need be as opposed to the other way round. The next 30 minutes was about trying to connect with the small stockies, bites were very finicky and missed lots of small dips on the bristle. I switched to maggot which caught me two roach in 20 minutes so after an hour I put a lighter hook length with a size 20 hook and pushed a micro pellet onto the point. The difference to connecting with fish was amazing and hardly missed any bites. I had a good steady 2 hours catching them and caught about one every 2 minutes which at 4 – 5 to the 1lb was pleased with as I couldn’t see much being caught where I was. Paul’s catch rate had slowed down and I felt his early better fish to my small fish we were level on weight, I needed a good last hour. I somehow needed to try and catch some bigger older fish now.

Final Hour:

Just before entering the final hour I moved out to 14m in the deeper water with maggot trickling odd maggots here, after 10 minutes I caught my first proper F1 about 2lb. Then no more bites came from this line and approach, I was a bit worried as this was my late plan that seemed not to be working. The angler on my right hadn’t caught a proper F1 all day and Paul and the angler to his left had a few early but also found none later on. I started to think these fish are backing away under the ice from the maggots so got my big pot and covered the bottom with about 30 red maggots which I shipped out to 14m to leave for 5 mins to see if this is the case. I am a firm believer in thinking it you must do it!

Two more small stockies in 5 minutes on pellet I made the move over the potted maggots. First drop in after a minute the float dipped and I lifted into a good F1 which I played through the ice. I slid the net under a 3lb plus F1, now I was excited. The next 6 drops all produced the older bigger fish and I was clear of everyone I could see now. The line went quiet and only 25 minutes remaining I re-fed with 20 maggots in the pot and this produced 4 more big F1’s before the whistle blew. What a turn around, pockets of fish that you find need to be fed just right as they can easily give you the impression they are not there.

The scales arrived and as I expected the better pegs 6 and 30 which are both in the central channel on my lake produced the top weights of 58lb and 56lb, Paul weighed in 34lb the other angler to his left were we where weighed 29lb, the angler on my right weighed 17lb and my catch went 42lb. I was very eager to find out how my partner John had done from Top Pool, I had come 3rd on my lake and he was 5th on his so it was looking good for a framing place prize. Unfortunately Extension pool fished very well and that was part of my section so we lost points on the split lakes, but still more than happy to finish 4th out of 29 pairs of quality anglers. Adam Wakelin and Steve Ringer won comfortably with a great performance from Extension and Top Pool draws with a perfect 2 point score.


1) Adam Wakelin/Steve Ringer 2 points
2) Stu Palsar/Pete Caton 8 points
3) Ronnie Biggs/Andy Parker 11 Points
4) Amer Jawad/John John Ashwell 16 points
5) Mark Taylor/Aid Mansfield 17 points
6) Steve Chester/Chris Hill 17points (Missing out on weight for 5th)

My rewards from a hard days work


It was hard for me not to be happy with my match today, everything I felt I needed to do came off just when it looked like it wasn’t going to be a good day. Not many places I have ever fished where you can catch these sort of weights after smashing ice! Great day and fantastic way of ending my fishing in 2014. Just leaves me to wish all who read my blogs a great 2015 and tight lines.

Amer Jawad (Sensas UK/Daiwa UK)


Visit the Website: www.sensasmatch.co.uk


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