Tunnel Barn Winter League Blog 4

Sat 06 December 14


Event: Tunnel Barn Farm W/L round 4, Saturday 6th December 14.

80 Anglers

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsor : Daiwa

Venue: Runnel Barn Farm, Club Pool

Peg drawn: Peg 24


Micro pellets and 4mm expander pellets, 3 pints of red maggots. Bread.

Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastic: Pink and blue Hydro elastic.

Hook lengths: 0.10 for all pellet and maggot rigs and 0.11 for bread dobbin.

Floats: MW F1 slims on all rigs in sizes 4 ×10 – 4 × 14.

The draw:

I arrived late for the draw as the heavy frost meant ice scraping off the windscreen. Pete Caton had done the team draw and his face said it all. Not the best of team draws I must say, but this time of the year you just never know where the fish are going to shoal up. With this in mind I made my way to my peg on the very patchy Club Pool peg 24. This isn’t a peg I fancied if i’am honest but will always approach a peg with confidence. The peg has little depth and a rope attached to the island only 8-10 meters out so limited room. It’s also a disabled peg so has high scaffold poles around it which makes using brackets on your seat box difficult…part from this its alright!

Set up:

I set up with my main approach being bread dobbin across to the corner of the island, knowing the pegs to my right will be so much better in the hope some of the lakes carp will show my end of the island. I then had a few pellet and maggot rigs for various lines in front of me.

The office for the day

The session:

I started on the bread at 14m to my right just over a reed bed, after 30 minutes I hadn’t had a single bite! I could see fish topping and being caught 6/7 pegs away, I knew I was in trouble as this was my main hope line. I decided to look on pellets in the deepest water about 6m to my right, again not a bite so I decided to have a look around the swim before I switched to maggots. Nothing, not a sign! After two hours watching anglers to my right catching well I was back on bread but still nothing, I was in bug trouble now as never had such a bad first two hours here. By now I was into hour three and back on the bread in the hope the fish might have turned up, as the angler to my right 2 pegs away started to catch. Three hours in and my bread was taken by my first carp, a fish of 2lb or so… Well at least I had point on the board! I went back out on the bread and nothing so I moved along the reed bed another section and still nothing. I switched to the maggot on the long pole just short of the island and caught my second fish, an F1 about a pound and a half. Back out nothing. I never felt there was many fish in front of me at all but hoped I could have a decent run at some point. The anglers in the middle of the lake to my right were catching very well on bread across to the island.

Final hour…

Two fish coming into the final hour and I decided on a maggot out of my hand approach which wasn’t wrong for me during the early hours but needed to spark a response from something so late on. A missed bite within minutes gave me hope, next drop an F1, followed by two more and just before the whistle a carp of 4lb. So they turned up very late but knew it was far too little tool late. The scales arrived to me first and I weighed just under 16lb which best only a couple of anglers. The anglers to my right 6/7 pegs away weighed 96lb, 82lb and 72lb then it went to 18lb. So they were very tightly shoaled and not much I could do about it.

Rewards from a hard days labour

Team result…

We had a bad day at he office with Mark Pollard only getting similar points to me and a low 42 point score for us.


The long drive home wasn’t my usual buzzing feeling I get when I have fished a match at Tunnel Barn, but when I think this is my lowest team weight and points in many years It brought a smile to my face. Also if it can happen to many anglers like it did today, others in the final 6 rounds will suffer similar fate.


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