Lawn Farm Silvers Only Open

Tue 10 March 15


Event: Lawn Farm (Silver fish only) Open match. Tuesday 10th March 2015.

Venue: Willow Lake, Lawn Farm.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad.

Sponsors: Daiwa/Sensas UK.

Peg number: Willow 24.

Pole: Daiwa Air.

After catching nothing on my last outing I decided to take a holiday day off work and fish the open match at the prolific Lawn Farm fishery in Cambridgeshire. I arrived with only ten minutes to go before the draw and noticed I would also be last to draw, so last peg in the bag. The weather looked perfect for today’s open match and I really fancied the deeper water pegs for skimmers and bream as I did a feature for Angling Times only last week and caught a good 35lb of skimmers in 3 hours from peg 29 in the deep water.

The draw…

I held the peg bag and recorded the draw, as I watched all the deep water pegs get drawn I realised my favourite peg 29 was still in the bag with only one angler left to draw out of the remaining two pegs, only to watch peg 29 get drawn! That left me on peg 24 in the back bay which is only 4-5 feet deep and predominantly roach. Its a peg I had drawn only a few weeks ago and had over 20lb of roach from. Today I knew you would need over 30lb to win this match so with that in mind at least I knew what I had to do to win.

My approach…

I decided on four rigs for the swim today.

Rig 1) 0.2 gram float with a small bulk for shallow fishing with maggots. Size 20 Drennan Silverfish match hook. 0.9 hook length.

Rig 2) 0.2 gram float with small bulk and two 12 droppers full depth . Size 20 Drennan Silverfish match hook. 0.9 hook length.

Rig 3) 0.3 gram float with small bulk of number 11’s and two number 12 droppers. Size 20 Drennan Silverfish match hook. 0.9 hook length.

Rig 4) 0.3 gram float with small bulk set near the hook length and to be fished off bottom. Size 20 Drennan silverfish match hook and 0.9 diameter hook length.

Elastics all Preston slip in number 4 and 5.

4 = Shallow rigs
5 = Deeper rigs

Bait table: 3 pints of red maggots, 2 pints of Sensas hemp, 2 pints of casters.

Ground bait bucket: Sensas Gros Gardons/Sensas Natural Lake mixed 75/25%.

All in…

I had found the deeper part of the peg was in front quite close in and it shallowed up to the left were there is a large reed bed. I started by feeding hemp and maggots out of my hand on the deeper water line at 4m’s and casters towards the reeds where the Rudd and Perch tend to sit. After half an hour in and no bites I was a bit worried as it looked perfect with colour and warm sun. I had deliberately not fed ground bait to start with to see if I could catch the bigger fish without attracting smaller fish in first. So at this point I fed two balls on the short line with casters and hemp in the mix. Next drop in and a bite, the elastic ran out fast and towards the reeds, playing this fish off the top 4 to get a turn on it as it swam away and into open water. Eventually netting a nice 2lb 8oz chub.

It wasn’t what I expected the peg to start like but something to work on. Next drop a small skimmer, still feeding hemp and maggots I started to catch roach quite steadily. Moving the rig up and down kept the fish coming fast, still felt I could catch quicker I switched rigs to the slightly heavier 0.3 gram rig with bulk down, this was far better and I was catching two fish a minute!

3 hours in…

At 1pm I had 300 roach and a bonus chub so was looking good for another good net of silvers. My mate Nigel Fawkes came over to watch the match, he said some good skimmers were being caught especially Rob Heath on peg 28 who’d was catching well. I did a rough count of the ounces I was catching every 15 minutes and was no less than 2lb per 15 minutes, so 8lb an hour would give me around the 40lb which would be good enough in my mind.

Last hour…

Into the final hour I made a few slight changes to try and get a good last hour and this was to look for a bonus fish on the caster line towards the reeds. First drop in a roach of around the 6oz mark followed by another slightly smaller. I added some line on the deck with caster on and then the float went under as I struck into something bigger… It went straight into the reeds, so I pulled hard and it swam straight out into open water. I soon needed a nice 2lb plus Perch. Back on the caster and another few roach then back on the maggot for a few more roach as the whistle blew for the end of the match. I was knackered!

The weigh in…

The scales arrived and peg 6 had weighed in 7lb, peg 29 had 14lb, then it was my turn to weigh in. I put 46lb 4oz of roach and two bonus fish on the scales, I was very pleased with the match I had fished. Clive Robinson on peg 27 weighed 30lb of skimmers and Rob Heath who I thought was my biggest threat put 32lb of skimmers on the scales. There was another 20lb and a couple of lower teens. Great match and good to get back amongst the fish!


1) Amer Jawad (Daiwa/Sensas UK) 46lb 4 oz peg 24 (450 roach)
2) Rob Heath (Chesnut Pool) 32lb 6 oz peg 28 (Skimmers)
3) Clive Robinson (Stevenage MG) 30lb 7 oz peg 27 (Skimmers and roach)
4) Andy Pluck (Cambridge) 20lb 15 oz peg 35 (Skimmers and chub)
5) Roger Dickerson (Lawn Farm) 14lb 2 oz peg 29 (Skimmers)
6) Harley Smith (Manor Farm) 13lb 14 oz peg 34 (Skimmers and roach)


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