Lawn Farm Silver Fish Open

Tue 23 December 14


Event: Lawn Farm Silver fish only open match. Tuesday 23rd December 2014.

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa

Venue: Lawn Farm’s Willow Lake.

Peg drawn: Peg 28

Pole: Daiwa Air

Rods and reels: Daiwa Tournament pro 10ft quiver rod with a Daiwa TDR2508 reel.

Elastic: Pink Hydrolastic.

Hook lengths: 0.10 Reflo on pole rigs and 0.11 Reflo on feeder rigs.

Floats: PB Silver in sizes 0.75g – 1.0g.

Ground baits: Sensas Black Lake and Lake Sweet fish meal.

The draw:

It’s always nice not to have to travel to a fishing match as its something I do quite often and clock up many miles. So getting to the draw for these matches takes me all of 5 minutes! At the draw I met up with my good mate Nigel Fawkes, he knows the venue as well as anyone and we often chat about the best and worst pegs. Today we sighted pegs 4/6/28/29 and possibly peg 24 as the pegs to draw. The wind was almost gale force as we went to draw so some of those pegs will be difficult to fish and my choice would be pegs 4 and 6 as they are good pegs and out of the wind today. I put my hand in the bag and only pulled out the same peg I drew on the last match which I won from! Peg 28 on the spit.

Set up:

As I drew the same peg and won last time round my approach was to be similar today, the only big problem was the very strong gusting wind that catches this peg which sits out in a point. Last time on here I could fish the pole at 17.5 metres to reach shallow water and the lakes chub, today I was struggling to hold 7 metres. So I set up my pole lines shorter to gain better presentation and an important ground bait feeder line to the island…


Amer in action

The session started with me cupping 5 balls of Sensas black lake 75% and Sensas Lake sweet fishmeal ground bait 25% on the 7 metre line which was just over the near shelf in 12 feet of water. The ground bait contained dead maggots a small amount of chopped worms and casters. I started on the ground bait feeder cast just short of the island in 6 foot of water with two dead maggots on the hook. The conditions today were very different to the last time I drew this peg, today it was mild and very windy as opposed to freezing cold and still which greeted me on my last visit.

After 20 minutes on the feeder I could see anglers around the lake all catching roach on the pole so I decided to come off it and switch to my pole line. First drop in my float went under and out came 6 foot of elastic, a skimmer of a pound was a welcome sight. I then caught small roach steadily for the next hour and a half, bit no more skimmers. I could see odd chub coming out to the anglers in the sheltered pegs across the lake and they were being caught on their pole lines. I fed another ball of ground bait on the pole line and went back in the feeder. Again no bites which was worrying. I made a switch to cast somewhere different as I had given this line long enough, so I cast further to my left into the wind and into slightly deeper water of around 8ft. Two bites straight away and two skimmers of around 10oz’s a piece then a decent roach of around 8oz. No more bites on the feeder so back in the pole. Coming into the 4th hour I guessed I was behind two or three anglers but ahead of the rest as I had a good 10-12lb in the net so needed a good last two hours and some bonus fish. I caught three more decent skimmers by putting a bit more line on the deck, now 8 inches over depth. So things were looking good. Another ball of ground bait fed on the pole line and back in the feeder, a bite straight away but missed it on the feeder. I switched to double live red maggots and shortened my hook length down to 30cm’s as these chub can be finicky, it worked really well as I caught 6 chub in about 8 casts! I was right back in with a shout of winning now as I guessed I had around 22-25lb in the net coming into the final hour and me thinking 30lb would be enough today.

Amer lands another good skimmer

Final hour…

A friend came to watch me for the last hour and said they were catching chub on pegs 4 and 6 behind the island out of the wind. I still knew I was looking good for my target weight so I decided to come back on the pole line and rest the feeder line. 5 minutes later I caught a skimmer of 2lb and two more around the 1lb mark. I put a small worm on and caught a roach of around 10oz’s and a skimmer of similar size. 10 more roach and two more decent skimmers to end a very good match. Everyone I could see around the lake had caught well and Neil Shearn next door on 29 had a good late run of fish including two big chub. Pegs 4 and 6 weighed 24lb and 35lb, peg 13 weighed 32lb. So I was unsure if I had much more than 30lb I needed to win. My mate Nigel on peg 15 weighed 25lb of roach, and Bryn Wignall on peg 24 weighed 26lb of roach and chub. Neil next door weighed 19lb. My fish pulled the scales round to 38lb 2oz which was enough to win the match! Back to back wins off the same peg…


1) Amer Jawad (Sensas UK/Daiwa) 38lb 2oz Roach/skimmers and chub. Peg 28
2) Roger Dickerson (Cambridge) 35lb 4oz Chub and skimmers. Peg 6
3) Ricky Young (Browning Hotrods) 32lb 6oz Chub and skimmers. Peg 13
4) Bryn Wignall (Maver Milton Keynes) 26lb 2oz. Roach and chub. Peg 24
5) Nigel Fawkes (Bag’em) 25lb 10oz. Roach. Peg 15.


A fantastic silver fish only match in light of the strong windy conditions. The average weight must have been somewhere around 20lb a man! I felt I fished a perfect match and not only caught lots of fish but kept the carp away which is important as these can ruin a peg when drawn in.

Just leaves me to say thank you for reading my blog and have a great Christmas.

Tight Lines in 2015

Amer Jawad


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