Lawn Farm Silver Fish Open

Tue 27 January 15


Event: Open match at Lawn Farm, 27th January 2015.

(Silverfish only match)

Lake: Willow

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa

Peg drawn: Willow peg 4


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastics: Preston slip 5. Blue Hydro elastic

*Hook length*s: 0.10 and 0.11 main line.

Hook pattern: Drennan Silverfish match hooks in sizes 18 and 20.

Floats: Preston PB Silver .75g and MW slims in sizes 4×14.

Bait: 2pints of red maggots, 1 pint of dead red maggots, 1/2 kilo of worms.

Ground bait: Sensas Black Lake 75% and Lake Sweet fish meal 25%.

The draw:

With the best turnout on a Tuesday open for some time a few very iffy pegs had to be put in the draw. The pure nature of this lake with its big bays and wide in some places and narrower in others, you tend to find the fish stay in certain areas of the lake but still always a few fish to be had around the lake.

As I was late for the draw I watched as all my fancied pegs came out of the draw bag. Only one good peg left in three and I was second to last to draw. So when my good friend Nigel Fawkes going next to draw, and pulled out peg 34 that meant I was left with one of the pegs behind the island where its very narrow and very much a feast or famine area.

The one good thing about my area I was in is that it’s always fairly calm water as its very sheltered water. I knew its not the best area for skimmers and roach which are what you usually need on these matches. So my plan was to fish for the lakes chub which can show up just about everywhere. With an island at 18 metres away I decided on picking two lines at 17.5 metres down the far side slope in 3ft of water and another line at 17.5 metres to the right in 6 ft of water. A third line was put in at 5 metres as the lakes chub sometimes come close to loose fed maggots over ground bait with worms in.

Approach/set up:

Line 1 – Short pole (5-6m) down the near shelf. Here I cupped in one ball of groundbait laced with chopped worms and dead maggots.

Line 2 – Long pole (17.5m) in front of me to the island. Here I cupped in one ball of ground bait laced with the same chopped worms and dead maggots. I then cupped on about 20 maggots over this in 3ft of water.

Line 3 – Long pole (17.5m) to the left, about 6m left of line 1. Here I repeated tje same feeding approach but into 6ft of water.

The session:

I started the match on the short line to hopefully gauge how it was going to fish round the back of the island where I had drawn. After 15 minutes no bites, so out onto the long pole line at 17.5m. Double red maggot on the hook. I gave this line a good 20 minutes and nothing! This was worrying as they had been blanks in this area when anglers caught well elsewhere in recent weeks. I switched to the long pole line in the slightly deeper water to the left and again gave this a good 20 minutes. By now we had reached the second hour and still not a bite. The angler on my right on peg 6 had his first bite and a chub of around a pound, the angler on my left was yet to catch.

I could see anglers on the left and right bank catching almost from the start, so knew I was in a tough area. I kept cupping in small amounts of loose maggots on both long lines in the hope of drawing some of the lakes chub over them. Just as we entered the second hour I had my first bite on the long pole line straight in front of me, it wasn’t a chub but a roach around 6oz’s, this was very encouraging. Next drop another roach of similar size then nothing for 15 minutes. Talk along the bank was that the anglers the other side of the island were catching much better, which I knew would be the case, but still felt I wasn’t out of it if I could string a few chub together.

Half way in…

At the half way stage and after another small pot of maggots I hooked my first chub, it’s was a good fish of around 2lb 8oz’s and made me feel better. As these fish tend to shoal fairly tightly I was hoping for another almost straight away, but nothing!

With two hours left the angler on my left decided to pack up, it was really that hard.

I tried a few things to catch another fish but still couldn’t attract a bite. I kept doing what I was confident in doing and cupping in regularly and switching lines all the time looking for an instant response. The left line produced a quick bite when I switched to kit and a good fish was on, it came up near me and was a big perch which looked about 2lb. A nice bonus. Next drop a skimmer of about 1lb and another slightly smaller was a good sign, but then nothing. I knew I needed the run to continue if I was going to frame. The line in front produced another chub but a smaller fish about a 1lb on a single maggot then again I switched leaving my last small pinch of maggots here. With 10 minutes left I went back onto the line in front of me and caught my last chub of around 1lb 8oz’s.

I was first to weigh and put just under 10lb on the scales, it wasn’t very good along my bank with the angler on peg 8 doing next best with two bream for 7lb. The higher numbers produced 18lb and 19lb won the match off peg 34. So my good friend Nigel had won with some nice skimmers and roach, well done mate.

I was quite pleased to have come 6th on the day from my peg, I felt I fished it the right way just needed a run of fish that I don’t think the area was capable of.


1) Nigel Fawkes – (Bagem) 19lb 11oz’s (34)
2) Kye Jerrom – (Browning Hotrods) 18lb 0oz’s (28)
3) Phil Dilley – (Biggleswade) 15lb 2oz’s (14)
4) Mike Little – (Cambridge) 13lb 14oz’s (24)
5) Andy Pall – (Waterbeach) 10lb 14oz’s (35)
6) Amer Jawad – (Sensas/Daiwa) 9lb 10oz’s (4)


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