Lawn Farm Open

Sun 23 November 14


Event: Waterbeach Anglers/Fred’s MG Christmas open match. Sun 23rd Nov 14. Lawn Farm Fishery/Crabtree and Cherrytree lakes

(Silver fish only)

Anglers fished: 24

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsor : Daiwa

Venue: Lawn Farm Fishery, Cambs

Peg drawn: Cherry tree peg 2


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastic: Preston Slip number 4 and 5. White Hydro for shallow chub rig.

Mainline: Reflo 0.10 and 0.11

Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.9 and 0.10

Hook pattern: Kamasan B510 in sizes 20 and 18

Floats: Maurizio Shiepatti sizes 4×10 – 4×14 ( roach rigs ) MW F1 slims 4×12 shallow chub rigs.

Float selection

Bait: 3 pints of casters/2 pints of red maggots.

The draw:

As I live so close to the venue (5 minutes) I also know every peg! With the two smaller lakes being used today it was sure to be a good match.

The office for the day

I would say 80% of the pegs are on an island and the rest are corner pegs which is where I didn’t want to find myself on as it’s the lakes chub that will make up the frame today and they live predominantly on the island swims. I fancied Crabtree lake at the draw as this lake has the biggest head of chub in it, so when I found corner peg 2 in my hand I knew I had almost no chance of winning from this peg!

Still I have had some big weights of roach from these pegs so that’s was my plan to target them.

Set up:

My set up was simple with two shallow roach rigs for fishing in the upper layers, 2-3ft and two rigs for on the bottom. A shallow chub rig was set up just in case I could tempt one or two shallow later on on the match.

The session:

I got my head down on roach at 4m just over the shelf feeding casters out of my hand. The weather was awful, wet and a very cold wind all day which kept bites down, but after an hour or so I had a few nice roach to over a pound! I could see chub being caught off the island pegs and knew I would struggle to beat those pegs but was enjoying my match all the same. As bites tailed off, normally due to carp arriving in my peg I moved onto a new line and kept in touch with the big roach. Caster was picking out the bigger fish. At the half way point Bites started to slow down and I only hooked big carp which I had to out back due to it being a silver fish only match. This was my time to come shallow and this was a good move as I caught some smaller roach but quicker.

Final Hour:

With the match approaching the final hour I moved out onto the 14m long pole line with double caster in the hope of a late chub or two to boost my weight and give me a chance of getting on the frame. Two or three drops and only roach some added 8 inches to the depth of the shallow rig and had two chub in two drops! Biggest was 2lb. No more bites off this lines so back onto my roach lines hoping for a late run of roach to finish a good match. I managed a few more small roach on maggots to end the match on. The scales arrived early as I was in a corner peg, the angler on my left (Peg 1) had 13lb of small roach and my turn to put my silver fish on the scales for 28lb, 12lb on my right so was pleased with my match. The island pegs produced two weights of 50lb of chub and a 33lb opposite. On the other lake the best island peg produced 54lb of chub which meant I was in the frame in 4th place.

Catch shot

Result: Individual.

1) Pete Lusher 54lb 2oz (Chub off peg 16 Crabtree)
2) Sam Hawk 50lb 0oz (Chub)
3) Ben Lawrence 33lb (Chub)
4) Amer Jawad 28lb 0oz (Roach and two chub)
5) Alan Len 23lb 6oz (Chub)
6) Richard Attler 22lb 15oz (Chub)


On my home I thought about my match and thought I couldn’t have drawn a worse peg today, but I was happy to frame from the peg I drew. Sometimes its best to approach a peg with an open mind as maybe you can’t win the match from it but you can have a great days sport with some lovely roach like I caught today.


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