Lawn Farm Open

Sun 22 February 15


Event: Lawn Farm knock up match. Sunday 22nd February 2015.
Lake: Crabtree
Peg: 19 Angler: Amer Jawad Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa UK Pole used: Daiwa Air Elastic: Preston slip elastic number 5 and blue hydro elastic for chub rigs.

Today’s approach

After seeing a heavy overnight frost I wasn’t too confident in a big net of roach from the lake we were fishing. The lake holds a good head of chub which tend to show in the coldest of weather, and it’s these fish in felt would play ten biggest part.

By the time I sat down at my peg the wind was getting stronger and blowing across my peg which being one of the widest pegs meant a full 16m to the shallow water where the chub tend to sit in. It was difficult to plumb this line so knew holding a rig out there wasn’t going to be easy. I thought about setting up a tip rod a small feeder but decided on a changed approach and got different rigs out if my stack.

Rig 1 – 0.50g Sensas Jeff 3. Body down pattern with slightly thicker tip for holding against the strong tow that we had today. This rig was for fishing a few inches over depth with casters or maggots. Shotting pattern was small bulk of number 10 shot and three number 11 droppers.

Rig 2 – 0.30g Maurizio Schiepatti Inox wire. This float is similar to the Jeff but has a finer tip and was set up for fishing to depth or just off bottom. Sets quickly and a float for just letting go with and where the feed was. Shotting for this rig was small bulk of number 11 shot and two number 12 droppers, one dropper only 4 inches from the hook.

Rig 3 – 0.20g Maurizio Schiepatti Inox wite. Same pattern as rig 2 but lighter float for fishing off the bottom. A rig that settles quickly and fishes faster, just what I wanted for the roach that may come shallow today. Shotting pattern for this rig was semi strung shotting of number 11’s with two number 12’s closer to the hook.

All rigs on 0.11 main line and 0.9 hook lengths, with my chosen Hook pattern being the Drennan silverfish match in size 20’s.

The peg plumbed up well with deeper water at 4m and was uniform after that. I picked 5m as my main area for catching with a look at feeding at 4m which I felt was easy in the wind and for rig control. The water over the near shelf was 4ft 6 inches deep, the tow was strong but keeping things tight I was confident of a decent weight of silvers. The chub also prefer to sit over the shelf than in open water, this giving me a good chance of a bonus or two.

The all in…

On the whistle I fed one hard ball of Sensas Roach Noire and black lake 50/50 with casters in at 4m and another softer ball at 5m. I started just past the feed area on the bottom with red maggot on the hook. First drop in the rig flew under in a confident manor and out stripped 6ft of elastic! I thought it was a chub, but to my surprise it was a big roach just shy of a pound! Great start and something strong to work on now. The next few drops produced a string of decent sized roach, but then they went smaller in size but still a good stamp of fish. I pulled the rig in over the 5m line where I had fed the softer ball of ground bait and the bait just on bottom. Two minutes and another big roach pushing 12-14oz! Again next two drops produced a similar response and the roach went that but smaller. I could see a pattern was emerging when a line is rested so moved in and out always feeding the lines with maggots as this was by far the best bait. Three lines on the go and I was amassing a good net of pristine roach.

Two hours to go…

With 3 hours gone I was having an amazing days roach fishing, the fish just got bigger with every line that was rested for no more than 20 minutes. I had put the net under most of the fish I was catching and knew I was on for a big weight of roach. Moving the rig off bottom was working and again all the time moving swims.

Final hour…

With one hour to go I had a quick look in the shallower water closer to the bank at 4m where I had fed maggots by hand all day. This resulted in a 5 minute wait and then clunk! The strike was met with good resistance and a chub pulling out yards of elastic. I netted another 3-4 chub and a couple of roach as the match ended. The weather by now was strong winds and rain so as much as the day was immense I was ready to pack up!

The weigh in…

John the fishery owner came with the scales to weigh me in, I struggled up the bank with the keepnet. I said there must be at least 50lb here with a big grin on my face.

>The scales only went round to 50lb and the net pulled the scales off the 50lb point so we took out a few fish and it was to be two weighs. The scales finally recorded exactly 60lb’s! With around 12 of the roach weighing 18lb alone!! I must say it was a small match but never had a days roach fishing like it, hardly a roach under 6oz’s in my catch.

I know Lawn Farm fishery like the back of my hand and won lots of matches here, but never thought the roach I caught today even existed I the lake we where on today. Great fishery and a memorable day.


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