Lawn Farm Open

Tue 10 February 15


Event: Open match at Lawn Farm, 10th February 2015.

(Silverfish only match)

Lake: Cherry tree

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors : Sensas UK/Daiwa

Peg drawn: peg 4


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastics: Preston slip 4 and 5 solid.

Hook lengths: 0.8 and 0.10 main line.

Hook pattern: Drennan Silverfish match hooks in sizes 20 and 22.

Floats: Sensas Patrice in sizes .20 and .30.

Bait: 2pints of red maggots, 1 pint of pinkies.

Ground bait: Sensas Gardons Brune.

The draw:

The turnout was a bit disappointing, probably due to the heavy frosts we have had overnight and all weekend. I found myself on peg 4 which is a good peg on the lake and one I know very well. First thing we all had to do is break the ice which covered the whole lake.

Approach/set up.

My approach was simple, I had a plan to target the lakes roach as this is a silver fish only match. This lake is full of chub which can turn up anytime and all over the lake. I set up two main rigs which were a .20 gram Sensas Patrice with a small bulk of number 11 shot and two small number 12 droppers. The second rig was the same float pattern but with a slightly larger bulk as the float was a .30 gram and on,y one number 12 dropper 4 inches from the hook. These rigs will fish on both lines as the depth at 8m is the same as 5m. I inky broke the ice as far as 8m out.

The session:

I started the match feeding one ball of Sensas Gardons Brune on the 8m line and loose fed over the top. The shorter line (5m) was fed by hand with 5-7 maggots steadily. After 20 minutes and seeing nothing being caught my float dipped and put came a good 6 feet of elastic! I out the net under my first fish a 2lb chub which was a nice bonus. Next drop in a bite from a roach of about 2 oz which was very welcomed as I said if I catch a roach in the first hour we will have a decent day in spite of the freezing conditions.

Another silver heading to the net

I caught well off the 8m line and all roach going up to a pound. Single red maggot was best and moving the depth to 4 inches off was better for bigger stamp fish. The anglers to my left were catching also but looked like smaller fish. The ice started to break up after about two hours and the peg slowed a bit so I switched to the 5m line. Had bites straight away from here and some bigger fish.

Moving from the two lines seemed to bring bigger fish once the lines were rested, so I did this quite often. Feeding short of my float was also better and caught me some big roach. By the end of the match I felt I had a good 20lb in the net as I had caught decent stamp fish nearly all match.

The scales arrived and the top weight was 11lb two pegs away with two 9lb weights after that. My fish pulled the scales round to just shy of 30lb.

I had one of those days when everything went to plan and what I thought would work seemed to work. Great days sport, and all through ice!

Nearly 30lbs on a very hard day


1st Amer Jawad (Daiwa/Sensas UK) 29lb 13oz Peg 4
2nd Roger Dickerson (Lawn Farm) 11lb 7oz Peg 2
3rd Harley Smith (Manor Farm) 9lb 10oz Peg 1
4th Mike Lynch (Hooked/Newmarket) 9lb 6oz peg 30


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