Lawn Farm Open

Sun 11 January 15


Event: Open match at Lawn Farm, Sunday 11th January 2015.

Lakes: Cherrytree and Crabtree lakes.

Anglers: 26

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors : Sensas UK/Daiwa

Peg drawn: Cherrytree lake peg 15


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastics: White Hydro elastic/Blue Hydro elastic

Hook lengths: 0.10 and 0.13 Reflo.

Hook pattern: B911 F1 in size 18 and Tubertini 808’s in size 16 & Drennan Silver Fish Match size 20 for roach on maggot

Floats: (Carp and Chub)MW F1 slims in sizes 4 × 12 and 4 ×14. (Roach) Sensas Serge and Patrice.

Bait: 2pints of red maggots, 1 pint of dead red maggots, 1/2 kilo of worms, 4mm feed pellets and 6mm expanders. 1pint of casters.

Ground bait: Sensas Black lake and Sensas Sweet fish meal.

The draw:

After starting my year off with a poor match last week at Tunnel Barn farm I didn’t want to have another today. Was nice to fish a local match too which meant a short drive to the venue. With 26 anglers fishing the match today and the two smaller lakes both in they split the lakes up evenly putting 13 on each lake. I had a walk around the lakes and some of the pegs were being battered by very strong winds! Crabtree being worst affected. I fancied pegs 1-5 on Cherrytree lake with peg 1 having lots of room and a back wind. I drew on the lake I fancied and peg 15, its a peg that sits just off the island, the island is about 16m away and to the left of the peg. I was quite pleased with my draw even though the wind was bad I felt I could do well from the peg.

The lines I chose to fish were:

1) 5m straight in front of me which was over the near shelf in 5 ft of water. (Roach line) also a shallow rig to fish over this line. Maggots over Sensas black lake 75% and 25% Sensas lake sweet fish meal ground bait here.

2) 14m to the left towards the island but in the slightly deeper water where I found 3ft. This was for chub and odd carp. Worms and dead maggots over ground bait here, potting maggots over the top. The ground bait mix was the same but added worms and dead maggots to the mix.

3) 16m straight out in front where the island slopes away, I found 4 feet of water on a plateau which was flat and felt it was a good line for carp. Also the water was being sheltered from the island more so here.

The session:

I started the session on the short 5m line feeding maggots, 3-4 at a time. I gave this 10 minutes and expected a quick response from this line, but no bites. I was onto my 14m line towards the island a bit earlier than I wanted to but felt it wasn’t going to be a day for roach with none showing on my line early or on the better pegs opposite. First drop in with double red maggot on the hook my first bite, a roach about 6oz’s. Next drop in a chub of 1lb so I was off and running. The angler on my right who was on an end peg had caught 2 carp on bread which gave me confidence I would catch carp on my pellet line as it’s usually a better approach than bread. After a slow first hour and only two fish in the net I decided on switching to the 16m line and pellets. I was hoping for some chub off the island but there just wasn’t any feeding around the lakes.

I kept topping 20-30 maggots over the 14m line as it might come alive later in the match. Start of the second hour and I noticed the two end pegs wee catching small carp, I put a 6mm expander pellet on and waited. Half and hour later the float flew under and a carp went powering off into the open water and pulled off! It was foul hooked, at least it showed there was fish about so I had something to work in now. 15 minutes later the same thing happened and another carp was foul hooked, this came off and left a big scale on my hook. With nearly two hours gone and only two fish in the net and two lost foul hooked carp I needed to get my act together.

Things changed for the better once I decided on a simple feeding approach of, 2-3 4mm pellets and lift and drop the rig almost very minute. I had a good run of carp to 4lb and was back in the match now. The angler on my right had stopped catching but peg 1 was catching well. The anglers to my left hadn’t caught anything so looking around the lake I was second best from what I could see. Things remained the same coming into the final hour, and just a quick look on the left hand 14m line produced another chub around 2lb and a skimmer of 8oz’s. Last hour back on the long 16m pole line…

Final hour:

I needed a good last hour to catch up on peg 1 across the lake, I was guessing the there wasn’t much separating us both and talk around from the other lake suggests the winner would come from my lake. Things slowed down by now with just an odd small carp, the. I hooked a good fish which took the pellet before the rig had settled, it felt much bigger and with only minutes remaining in the match I gingerly played it towards me. It came up in front of me and looked around 7-8lb! I brought it to the net and the hook pulled as I was going to scoop it! I felt this would be costly, you just know it! With only 5 minutes left and no more bites the whistle blew.


With The other lake (Crabtree) being weighed first and 30lb and 32lb top weights on there I knew it was between me and Cambridge angler, Andy Kleen who would win the match. Andy weighed in first on the lake and his fish went 49lb 8oz, I said he would win as I didn’t thinking and near that. 18lb was neat best weight again on an end peg then 3 anglers not weighing to my left. I weighed in 49lb exactly, so that lost fish was costly but pleased for Andy winning and enjoyed the day in spite of the conditions. My year has started at last!

1) Andy Kleen (Cambridge) 49lb 8oz (All carp)

2) Amer Jawad (Sensas UK/Daiwa) 49lb 0 oz (Mainly carp and two chub)

3) Spud (Hooked/Newmarket) 33lb (Carp)

4) Peter Howard (Newmarket) 32lb 12oz (Carp)

5) Louis Goodman (Cambourne) 19lb 8oz (Carp)

6) Dennis Holiday (Biggleswade) 18lb 8oz (Chub)


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