Lawn Farm Open

Tue 09 December 14


Event; Lawn Farm Open Match, Tuesday 9th December 2014. (Silver fish only match)

Anglers fished: 14

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Sponsor : Daiwa

Venue: Lawn Farm Fishery, Willow Lake.

Peg drawn: Peg 28 Willow Lake.

Bait. 1 pint of red maggots, 1 pint of casters, pellets and small amount of ground bait.


Rod: Daiwa Tournament pro 10ft bomb rod.

Reels: Daiwa TDR 2508

Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.9 and 0.10

Hook pattern: Kamasan B911 F1 size 18 on all rigs and feeder rig.

Floats: PB silver 6 in sizes 4× 16 and 4 × 18.

Elastic: Double Preston Slip 5 on 17.5m and double Slip 4 on 14.5m lines.

The draw:

Running late due to heavy traffic and freezing conditions meant I quick phone call to my mate Nigel Fawkes to make sure they knew I was on my way. I had the last peg in the bag, peg 28 on the point. This is a very good peg all year round, so I was more than pleased to be walking to it. Willow lake is a deep wide lake full of silver fish that tend to get ignored during the summer months as its a mainly carp water.

The office for the day

Set up:

my plan was to fish a ground bait feeder towards the right hand point where it gets deeper, and two pole lines at 14.5m and a very long pole at 17.5m towards the other point slightly to my left. Pole rigs were a light ,50g which has a semi strung bulk of shot and three number 11 droppers. May seem like a light rig in 12feet of water but its a rig that works well as the skimmers much prefer a light slow falling rig. My other rigs were, a 4 × 18 rig similar to the .50g rig but a small olivette on incase the lake towed in the wind and a further .50gram rig for the 17.5m line which for the lakes chub that hug the island.

The session:

I started on the ground bait feeder casting towards the right hand point of the island where the depth dropped off to about 8ft. Within 10 minutes I had my first bite off a skimmer about 10 oz’s. A good start and something to build on. After an hour I had 4 more skimmers up to a pound so things looked good. Two big line bites off carp soon slowed this line down as once they come in that’s time to leave it alone and not feed more bait here. I went onto the pole line at 14.5m with double red maggot. I caught steadily here for the next two hours catching skimmers and roach. Looking around the lake I was only angler really catching so the plan was to feed little and keep the fish coming by alternating lines all the time and rotate the lines. After hour three I had a few more fish on the feeder then a carp about 8lb which didn’t count. No more bites so coming into the final hour it was time for the long 17.5 m line.

Another good fish

Final Hour:

This line was to be my best move, not easy to fish on the now strong wind but worth the struggle. I had cupped in a small ball of ground bait with chopped worms and casters plus dead maggots on this line. First drop in I missed a fast bite, these are normally chub bites so knew it wouldn’t be long before I caught one or two of them. Next 5 drops 5 chub to 2lb came into the net, followed by a roach of about 14oz’s! I the got seen off by a very big carp and thing s went a bit quiet. Again it pays to leave this line alone once carp come in. I dropped back on the 14.5m line with single maggot now and caught two quick skimmers and a roach then that went quiet. I fed a small ball of ground bait here and back out onto the ling 17.5m line a last minute chub before the whistle blew. It was the perfect winter match, lots of things to work out and a day when most struggled for any bites at all! The scales arrived with 6lb being top weight, my fish went 29lb 14oz’s and a thoroughly enjoyable cold winters day silver fish match.

Catch shot


1) Amer Jawad (Daiwa) 29lb 14oz peg 28
2) Dave Rees (Stevanage) 6lb 5oz peg 14
3) Roger Dickinson (Lawn Farm) 5lb 13oz peg 36
4) George Robinson (Oakwood) 5lb 2oz peg 29
5) Phil Dilley (Chestnut Pool) 4lb 3oz peg 13


Reflecting back on the match, I was lucky enough to have a few fish in front of me today, and once I had a good start I had something positive to work on. Moving lines when others stayed on the same lines was key today. Little feed was important for two reasons, firstly not wanting to draw any carp in the peg and secondly just keep the fish happy and not to over feed them.



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