In Session September 2014

Sat 20 September 14


Event: Open match Castle Ashby (Brickyard Lake) Saturday 20th September 14

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad
Sponsor : Daiwa
Venue: Brickyard Lake (Castle Ashby)
Peg drawn: 16

Pole: Daiwa Air
Elastic: White Hydro on my long pole 14/16m rigs and Black Hydro elastic for my margin/carp rigs.
Mainline: Reflo 0.13 on long pole rigs and 0.17 on carp margin rigs.
Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.11 and 017 (on carp rigs)
Hook pattern: Tubertini 175 size 3 for carp rigs and 808 size 16 for pellet rigs on the long pole.
Floats: MW F1 slims 4×14 for the long pole and MW Hi Viz margin in size .30 as the margin was quite deep.

Bait: Sensas Sweet Fishmeal groundbait on two long pole lines (14/16m) and hard 4mm pellets. Margin line was fed with mainly corn.

The session:

Amer 's Peg for the session

The draw was at the club house as usual, as I have not fished this lake for a few years I wanted to get as much information from the local anglers as possible. I was told it fished very hard on the midweek match with most not catching until 1pm. The weights seemed quite low too with 25lb being a good weight.

These lakes aren’t what I would call commercial lakes, they are estate lakes. The lake we were on today used to be predominantly bream that made up the weights, but they have put more carp in over the past couple of years.

I drew peg 16 which is on the field side of the lake. I asked Chris Garrett who does very well on these lakes what it was like, he said very poor draw and wouldn’t expect 20lb to come off the peg! Once I arrived at my peg I must admit I liked the look of it, plenty of options but lots of overhanging snags/trees and reeds for the carp to dive into if they had the chance.

I started by feeding two balls of Sensas Sweet fishmeal groundbait mixed soft at 14m, and half a pot of corn under the tree to my right. My plan was to catch skimmers/bream and smaller carp long and alternate each line as I rest them. My first hour was slow, I caught a 3lb bream after 20 mins then a small carp around the pound, so 4lb after hour 1. I fed another small ball of groundbait at 14m and caught another 1lb skimmer and two smaller skimmers in the next 45 mins. I wanted to,leave my margin as late as I could but felt I was talking behind other anglers who had already caught a few carp. First 4 drops in on the margin swim produced 4 double figure carp! I was back in it and decided a large kinder pot was the best way to feed this line. At this point a bank walker came along and stood right by where I was fishing talking on his phone, I asked if he could stand back from the waters edge which he did but no more fish showed here until late. Back out on my long pole line was slow so I fished just past where I had fed and caught 3 more good bream and 3 small carp here. I thought I had about 60lb by now so was only worried by an angler who was catching well I the corner peg on my lake who looked like he had similar to me. With two hours to go things went very quiet on the long pole so I fed a ball of Sensas Sweet fishmeal with a few grains of corn at 16m. I caught a bream and then a very large carp with corn on the hook. I played it for a good 15 minutes when my line snapped above my pole float! I thought this would cost me dearly!

Amer tames another hard fighting Castle Ashby lump

Final hour…
No more bites came from my long pole lines so I decided on spending all my time looking for that one more big fish which I felt would be enough for a win, so I chose the margin swim as the line that would give me the best chance of a lump. Coming into the final 20 minutes my float flew under and was met with a very big now wave, I was playing without doubt a match winning fish. I put the net under a nice 9-10lb fish and had time for one more. The float disappeared again and another lump was on, I netted it just on the whistle and again a decent 6lb plus fish. Courtney Hewlett who had caught well I the corner swim weighed 70lb and that was best weight coming to me, I weighed 87lb 12oz and had a very satisfying match win.


1) Amer Jawad (Daiwa) 87lb 12oz
2) Courtney Hewlett (Castle Ashby) 70lb 4oz
3) Peter Gibson (Kettering) 29lb 0oz
4) Frank Pizi (Wellingborough) 24lb 9oz
5) Nigel Fawkes (Bagem) 22lb 6oz

Top tip:
In deeper margin swims sweetcorn is my number one bait, its heavier than other baits and I find I get less foul hooked fish and know it will sit there for bigger fish and not get eaten by smaller fish.


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