In Session October 2014

Sat 27 September 14


Event: Pre-Winter league Open match Castle Ashby

  • Saturday 27th September 14.*
  • anglers fished*.

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad
Sponsor : Daiwa
Venue: Brickyard/Grendan and Scotland Lakes (Castle Ashby)
Peg drawn: 2 (Brickyard Lake)

Pole: Daiwa Air
Elastic: White Hydro on my long pole 14/16m rigs and Black Hydrolastic for my margin/carp rigs.
Mainline: Reflo 0.13 on long pole rigs and 0.17 on carp margin rigs.
Hook lengths: Reflo Powerline 0.11 and 017 (on carp rigs)
Hook pattern: Tubertini 175 size 3 for carp rigs and 808 size 16 for pellet rigs on the long pole.
Floats: MW F1 slims 4×14 for the long pole and MW Hi Viz margin in size .30 as the margin was quite deep.

Bait: Sensas Sweet Fishmeal groundbait on two long pole lines (14/16m) and hard 4mm pellets. Margin line was fed with mainly corn.

The draw

Was expecting a big turnout for this match as it was the official practise match on all lakes for next weeks first round of the Angling Trust winter league. 59 anglers turned out, mostly hoping for a draw on the prolific Brickyard Lake. I was the very first angler to draw and pulled out Brickyard Lake peg 2! So I was on the right lake but a peg that a few groaned about. I went to the peg very positive as I knew whoever wins this lake will win the match.

After winning the open last week I this lake but the opposite end I knew I had a good chance of this peg.

Set up

I set up 5 pole rigs, 3 with Black Hydro Elastic and two with White Hydro Elastic. Mick Wilkinson pole floats on all rigs as they are indestructible floats.

The session

I started by cupping in 2 balls of Sensas Sweet fishmeal groundbait on the 14.5m long pole line, I then cupped in worms and casters at 4m straight in front of me down the near shelf. A 3lb Bream came fairly quickly on the long pole followed by small skimmers and two small 1lb carp. So not a bad start, in my head I thought 35lb would be enough for a match win so I had started well with about 8lb in an hour with my better lines to come. I switched to my worm line in hours two and three, this line was very good with three Tench around the 2lb mark and a few small carp around the same size. So after hour 3 I had around 22lb in the net, so with 2 hours to go I decided to look for more carp as both lines started to slow a bit. Disaster struck as I foul hooked a large carp on one of my near margin lines and took me to the left where I had a tree in the water, the rig went round the tree with me not able to add pole joints and my top sections smashed! I lost the lot, my fault! I got my head together and started to sort out what was required feeding wise and soon started to string carp together feeding smaller amounts of corn out of a kinder type pot regularly.

Final hour

As I entered the final hour I was guessing I had a good 40lb plus in the net and whilst I was confident I was nearly home and dry I could see an angler opposite on peg 20 was catch some large carp late on. I only out two small Mirror carp in the net and knew it would be too close to call. The scales arrived and a quick look at the board showed 33lb was top weight. I recorded 50lb 6oz, so with only peg 20 and 13 to worry about I waited for the result. Peg 20 weighed 50lb exactly and 13 weighed 49lb… It was very close and was pleaed to be told I had won the lake and the match! Not my best match by any means, I needed to make lots of changes during the match when things didn’t go right but glad I didn’t rue those few bad events that could easily have cost me today.


Amer's winning catch shot

1) Amer Jawad (Daiwa/Guru) 50lb 6oz
2) Steven Reid (Garbolino RAF) 50lb 0z
3) Tom Moretti (Browning Black Horse) 49lb 6oz
4) Richard King (Maver Image) 53lb 4oz
5) Craig Shaw (Garbolino RAF) 30lb 2oz


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