In Session May 2014

Mon 05 May 14


Anglers Name Amer Jawad
Sponsor Daiwa
Venue Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade
Match/Peg Peg 2 (Golden Peg)

Daiwa Air, Daiwa White & Black Hydrolastic, Reflo 0.13 & 0.17mm, Reflo 0.11, Tubertini 808 sz16, Tubertini 175 sz4, 4×14 & 4×12 (shallow) MW F1 Slims & Dinky D
Bag’em Commercial Carp ground bait/Luncheon meat and corn

The Session

Arrived to see a better turn out this week. I noticed the carp anglers had pitched up in the pegs that the carp had been showing last week including peg 30 which was unusual as its not a favoured peg on the lake. I noticed Daiwa Dorkings Mike Buchwalder walking to his peg 3 on the bank I favoured with the wind blowing in to these pegs, I drew a golden peg and a peg a really fancied…peg 2!

Chestnut Pool swim image

Had a good chat with Michael before the match and knew we would have a good battle. I decided on a simple approach of one long pole line and one line down to my left hand margin where a nice looking tree over hangs, this is where some big carp have been showing but also been heavily fished all week including some feeders crashing in today from the anglers on my left!

I started by potting in three big balls of Bagem Commercial carp ground bait with corn and meat over the top. My long pole line was fed via a kinder pot and contained meat and corn. After a slow start and a strong wind getting even stronger I had to make some changes, some bank walkers saying it was fishing hard. I couldn’t hold the rig in place as it was coming back at me even with a shortish line and back shots in place! I reached for my dolly butt and pushed the rig past the feed area, this was met with an instant response and a steady stream of small skimmers coming to the net. Michael found a couple of carp next door and with those I felt he may be slightly ahead of me now, I quick look down my margin was fruitless so another large pot of bait went in there and moved back onto my long pole line.

Third hour

This was a key hour for me, I had pulled back the weight deficit on Mike and also had a large 16-11oz carp out of the margin swim! Now I was in the driving seat so decided to keep feeding the margin heavily and catching long alternating between both lines. The best switch was to go off meat in favour of corn, the heavier bait seemed to get me less finicky bites and the size of the fish much bigger with some 2-3lb bream coming to the net.

Final hour

Coming into the final hour the bream started to come steadily do I stuck with this and thought I will only have a look down the margin in the last ten mins. No more carp to be had but I did manage a bream so all not lost from that line. The scales arrived at my peg with 79lb top from peg 12 and 73lb from peg 15… I managed 91lb so was pleased to have won and off a golden peg!

Chestnut Pool lump

Top tips from today’s match

Don’t waste too much time looking for that one big fish, you will know when a big fish is there as your rig will normally move around or just go under very quickly!
Even though the surface tow may take your float one way the undertow could be moving the feed the other, this was the case today.


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