In Session May 2014

Mon 12 May 14


Anglers Name Amer Jawad
Sponsors Daiwa
Venue Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade
Match/Peg Peg 4

Daiwa Air, Daiwa White Hydrolastic, Reflo 0.13, Reflo 0.11, Tubertini 808 sz16, 4×14 & 4×12 (shallow) MW F1 Slims
Bag’em Commercial Carp ground bait/Luncheon meat and corn

The Session

I arrived quite early before the draw, I stood on peg 1 and watched the fish spawning under the tree in this peg and large carp coming in and feeding on the spawn. I fancied pegs 2 and 30 as this corner had the wind blowing into it which was a very warm wind as it was the warmest day of the year so far.
I drew out peg 4 further up the bank so no inside swim for me. I decided on two lines, 11m on the bottom and another line at 13m for using as an area for the fish to back off into. I also prefer the 13m line for shallow fishing also.

Chestnut Pool swim image

The start was quite slow with only two skimmers in the first 20 minutes so I decided to pot another ball of Commercial Carp ground bait on the 11m line and move out a joint further. This was met with an instant response with a steady string of large skimmers coming off this line. I kept feeding short of my float and fishing just past it, With use of a dolly but on my pole.

After the first hour I could see a few large carp were coming off the fancied pegs on the left hand bank and in the corners so I knew I would struggle to beat those pegs with just skimmers. I decided to come up shallow to see if I could catch the skimmers quicker and give me a chance of a carp, this worked well as I caught bigger skimmers and an odd bream up to 3lb! It was a case of moving between 11m and 13m feeding ground bait short and coming shallow when bites on the bottom slowed. The second and third hours were similar and I worked out I must be catching at least 25lb of skimmers an hour which would give me a chance of beating the carp weights.

Final hour

With one hour to go both lines went quiet and the wind had switched from blowing into me to blowing from my left to right, I decided to get a rig out of my stack which was a .20 MW F1 slim set with spread out 11 shot and set at full depth. My thinking was to locate the fish at all depths. I held the rig against the wind with a tight line, this worked a dream and the fish got bigger! I caught steady again until the final whistle and knew I could well have caught enough to break the Chestnut Pool silver fish match record. I also knew James Heaps would have at least 150lb of carp so still fancied my weight to frame.

Chestnut Pool weighing in

The scales arrived with the biggest weights being carp weight, 113lb and 158lb leading which was James Heaps. I was very happy to put 109lb 7oz of skimmers on the scales which is now the new silver fish match record for the venue.
A great days sport and one I learnt so much from, rued my luck as this weight would win all matches here normally but the carp came junto the margins today and a couple of anglers took full advantage of this, pleased all the same as this is why I come to Chestnut Pool, to catch silvers!

Top tip

I am a firm believer in if you think it do it, today I made two moves which helped my catch rate increase and also the size of the fish.
Fed short and gave my self a back off area to move into and catch there.

Covered other options, even though I didn’t have a margin I did establish two good catching areas and not plunder just one swim all day.


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