In Session June 2014

Tue 03 June 14


Anglers name Amer Jawad
Sponsor Daiwa
Venue Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade
Match/Peg Peg 15

Daiwa Air, Daiwa White Hydrolastic, Reflo 0.13mm, Reflo 0.11mm, Tubertini 808 sz16, Mick Wilkinson F1 slims on my short rigs. Size 4×12. PB silver 0.5 gram for longer pole rigs.
Bag’em Super Green ground bait/Luncheon meat and corn

The Session

I arrived early today so had time to walk around the lake before the draw with a couple of the other anglers. It was a very warm still day, I mentioned the pegs to avoid being the corner pegs as these tend to be better pegs when the wind is blowing into them. Most commercial fisheries the corner pegs are good but as this is a pole only match and predominantly skimmers and bream fishing the pegs towards the middle are better, but saying this you can still catch lots of fish on this lake from any peg! I talked myself into a corner peg draw, peg 15 found its way into my hand so I knew I had probably one of the hardest pegs on the lake to contend with.

Amers swim for the day

After last weeks match I felt I learnt from a tough draw so I approached this peg with confidence that I can catch a few. My plan was to start on the long pole (13m) and move to my left at 11m if the fish backed off, the reason for this is that the fish tend to come from the left hand side pegs and not out in front, but I still have a 14m long line of all else fails. I fed corn out of a big pot to start with but just enough corn so that the bottom of the pot was just covered and fed corn and meat at 6 sections of pole in front of me with two balls of Bag’em super green ground bait. I like the yellow and green combination this gives when fed together, the skimmers and bream seem to like it here. I left the 11m left line alone until I was going to move onto it as didn’t want to split the fish.

Hours 1 – 3

The fishing was very difficult for most who I could see around the lake, but felt that was good for me as it meant that I was still in with a shout off this peg. The short line wasn’t great for me with only 6 hybrids to a 1lb and a few roach but no skimmers or bream. I moved out onto the 13m line and caught 3 bream and a skimmer so I decided to big pot corn at 11m to the left hand line. I took 8 bream and 3 big skimmers off this line then lost a big bream right in the swim! This was the last bite off this line so I knew this could be costly. I dropped back in short at 6 sections and not a bite.

Final hour

I guessed I had about 35lb in the net coming into the final hour and heard anglers around the lake saying 50lb will be a good weight. I came off the 6 section line and decided to feed shorter but by hand so I could feed heavier as last week this worked on my long pole lines when I put a larger Kinder pot on. I fed corn here, about 15 grains regularly on a 2+2 line in front.

The response was very good with a run of bream and skimmers. The scales arrived and I had put a weight of 61lb 7oz which was good enough for 3rd in the match. The lake had fished harder apart from Andy Leathers who recorded a great 133lb of carp and skimmers off the island swim. Very busy day and was pleased to frame again and off another challenging peg!
Top Tip: On heavily fished commercial fisheries, sometimes short isn’t short enough…even though I thought 6 sections was short the fish can hug the near side shelf where the firmer bottom meets the silt. Anglers think with bream you need to fish long but short is sometimes better.


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