In Session June 2014

Thu 12 June 14


Anglers Name Amer Jawad
Sponsor Daiwa
Venue Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade
Match/Peg Peg 18

Daiwa Air, Daiwa White Hydrolastic, Reflo 0.13mm, Reflo 0.11mm, Tubertini 808 sz16, Mick Wilkinson F1 slims on my short rigs. Size 4×12. PB silver 0.5 gram for longer pole rigs.
Bag’em Super Green ground bait/Luncheon meat and corn

The Session

A good turnout for today’s open. With the corners out I fancied any of the pegs with a bit of room, preferably with the wind blowing in. Not asking for too much am I?
Not many pegs I don’t fancy on this venue as you can win off most pegs here as its pole only on the open matches which means it makes the matches more of a leveller. I did manage to draw a peg that I can’t ever recall framing on any matches I have been on here in all the years, peg 18. I still fancied catching a few fish off this peg and still approached the peg with a positive frame of mind.

Amer in action

I chose three areas of my peg as a target approach, 6 sections to my left hand margin where I looked for 3ft of water, 7m straight in front and 13m straight in front. I fed small amounts of meat and corn together in a 250ml pot to start on just the 13m and margin lines, with two small balls of Bagem Super green groundbait. I started on the 13m line.

First 3 hours

I had my slowest catching rate to any open I have fished on the venue during the summer months, I was well behind after 3 hours into the match with only around 12lb in the net. I did notice the bream rolling much further out in the open water in front of me and thought a change was in order. I dumped two pots of meat and corn on the two shorter lines and left the long line alone to be fed sparingly. This had an amazing affect with the next hour seeing me catch a good 30lb of bream and skimmers off both lines. Coming into the final hour I thought if I have an hour like that again I could frame!
h4. Last hour

A switch to a larger kinder pot on my pole was even better, I caught in the deeper water on my 7m line with some bream pushing 4lb now. Then I managed a 3lb golden tench which was a bonus. Lifting and dropping through the feed produced an instant response and I had an even better hour than the previous hour. The scales arrived at my peg with some good weights over the other side of the lake, 60lb was best until I put 82lb 7oz on the scales. I was very pleased to have caught so much so late as I was going nowhere for so long. James Heaps weighed a fantastic 141lb off peg 3 with two end pegs pushing me into 4th place and a framing position. Pleased to frame off this difficult peg.

Top Tip

On heavily fished commercial fisheries that see lots of particle baits fed, especially when carp anglers target these venues. I find mimicking the sound of particles hitting the water works very well. Today feeding larger quantities of bait poured from a height had the desired affect.


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