In Session April 2014

Thu 03 April 14


Anglers name Amer Jawad
Sponsors Daiwa
Venue Tunnel Barn Farm
Match/Peg Peg 19 House Pool

Daiwa Air, Middy Orange 6 doubled up & Daiwa Grey Hydrolastic, Reflo 0.11, Reflo 0.10, Kamasan B911 F1 18, 4×8 & 4×10 MW F1 Slims
4pt Caster & Bag’em F1 Finesse Gold

The Session

A good turnout today of 40 anglers and three lakes to be used in this prolific venue. I fancied a draw on the Club Pool as there are some larger carp in there and good weight builders when you are needing the kind of weights that are coming out of the complex in matches of late. I drew myself on the House Pool, peg 19. This peg is not a peg they usually put in so on arriving at my peg it was a bit overgrown. I decided to have any chance of doing well I needed to make a clearing on my inside lines as I couldn’t get to the shallower water. I decided on a simple approach of two inside lines to my left and right margins and lines in the middle for my shallow rigs.

I mixed up two bags of Bag’em’s Finesse Gold as a dryish mix to be fed on my inside margins, I was planning on feeding casters here and at 6m. I gave myself a target of 100lb to possibly win a lake prize from my peg. So with my 20lb an hour target I knew I had to be busy and rotate the swims carefully to keep catching.

Swim image

All in

I started on my last hand margin swim where I fed a small ball of Finesse Gold and about 10 casters, within a minute I caught my first of many F1’s averaging 1lb. Rotating as it went quiet on these lines. I had two shallow rigs set up, one was 1ft deep and the other 2ft deep, these two rigs I had to keep switching to as to keep in touch with the F1’s in the middle at 6m. After two hours I could hear the anglers around the lake saying Pete Rice was baggin and others saying they had around 40-50lb already! I was estimating I had around the same but felt my fish where a small stamp. I didn’t mess around, I just stock to it as I was well on my target of 100lb.

Final Hour…

The match was going to plan and coming into the final hour I knew I had near enough hit my target weight of 100lb. I was now catching well shallow on casters and single being the best choice of bait, I switched to my 1ft deep rig and that caught me fish much quicker as the afternoon light started to fade. Half an hour to go I thought another ten fish would be nice… In 30 frantic minutes I managed to catch 25 F1’s shallow! I knew I
wouldn’t be far off a framing place today.

The Result…

Pete Rice won the match with an awesome 189lb, I was 4th in the match with 147lb missing out on third by 3oz!

What a great match and venue Tunnel Barn Farm is, just wish it was closer to home.

Today’s top tip…

Feeding Finesse Gold ground bait just before I switched lines brought the fish back into the margins once they had moved away, if I fed it when they where there it caused line bites and foul hooked fish.


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