In Session April 2014

Sun 20 April 14


Anglers Name Amer Jawad Sponsors Daiwa Venue Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. Match/Peg – Peg 2 Tackle/Bait Daiwa Air, Middy Hollow 4-8, Reflo 0.11, Reflo 0.10, Kamasan B911 F1 18 & 16, Preston PB Inter 0.3g/0.5g. Bag’em 2mm & 4mm hard pellets and Bag’em 4mm XP Expander Pellets

The Session

I was very pleased to draw on this first bank as you walk onto the lake. The past few weeks I have been here on the open matches this bank has been very consistent so I expected a few bites. I have been just out of winning all the matches I have been on the last four weeks, falling short each match between 4-8lb, so with this in mind I decided on two main lines in which I would target the lakes smaller skimmers as these are good weight builders and seeing what had been caught the past few opens they have played a part.

Chestnut Pool swim image

My 6m pole line was my target to start the match on. The depth here is almost identical to the 13m line around 5ft deep. My rigs are almost identical on that they carry small bulks of size 10 shot with three number 12 droppers below in the last third of the rig. I always lift and drop the rig for skimmers and this works very well here. Within the first hour I had around 12lb of skimmers and one large carp which unfortunately I had to release back into the lake as they only count from April 1st! I was later to catch another large carp which again went back into the lake.I was very pleased with the way the match had started, the anglers I could see around the lake were not catching as well so I knew at this rate I am on for at least 60lb if I could keep these skimmers lined up.

The second hour slowed a bit after I landed my second carp at 6m, so a switch to the long line was in order. I lowered a 4mm XP expander pellet in slowly and within seconds of it settling the float slid under with a bream around 3lb tail walking as they do here! The second and third hour produced similar to the first hour so I was thinking I was on around 35lb after 3 hours which has been a good enough weight to win most of the matches this winter. The 4th hour was a case of altering the depth and feed to keep in touch with the lakes skimmers which kept coming. Whilst I was fishing the long 13m line I continually fed hard 4mm pellets on the 6mm line for hopefully a last hour which usually sees some large skimmers feed this close. I noticed a few fish started to come off the near lines for other anglers coming into the final hour of the match, so I decided a quick look on my 6mm line was in order. Was glad I did make this move…

I caught around ten 1lb plus skimmers in about 12 drops and felt that was daylight from the other anglers now.
The scales arrived at my peg and some good weight on the board which I did expect as the weather today was the warmest day of the year so far. 58/59 and 60lb top weights as I glanced at the board, I knew I had at least 60lb.

Chestnut Pool catch shot

My first weight went 27lb and second weight of 43lb was enough to win the match with a clear 10lb of skimmers to spare. Really enjoyed the match and everything went to plan. The smaller skimmers played a massive part which I thought they would and switching lines helped rest the other lines which seemed to get stronger when rested.

Top tip for the day:

Hooking Bag’em 4mm hard/softened pellets produced better more positive bites. These pellets just need to be pushed onto the point towards the gape of the hook and strike through as easy as an expander pellet.


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