Hows End open

Sun 17 May 15


Event: How End Fishery open match. Saturday 16th May 2015.

Venue: Yasis Lake.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Daiwa and Sensas UK.

Pole: Daiwa Air

Peg drawn: 17 (Yasis)

The draw:

I must admit to not being very familiar with the lake, last year I came to an open match and caught some lovely IDE averaging around the pound mark, also some decent barbel and won the match. As it’s not all carp and more variety I wasn’t too bothered what peg I drew today. I was told peg 15 won last week with 89lb of carp so when I pulled peg 17 out I thought I was close enough…

When I made the short walk to my peg I realised why the carp came off peg 15, it has some bank piling and the carp seemed to be sat off it across in very shallow water. The level of the lake was quite low so thought the long line would be interesting today!

My approach:

After taking out a few rigs that I thought would do the job I quickly changed a couple of them as it was much shallower than I remembered. A steady dropping shelf to 5m in front and it came up quickly around 11.5m where after was only 6-8 inches deep!

I settled on 5 pole rigs…

Rig 1) 4 × 12 MW F1 Slim. 0.12 hook length for top of the near shelf. 16 808 hook.

Rig 2) 4 × 14 MW F1 Slim. 0.12 hook length for down the near shelf. 16 808 hook.

Rig 3) 4 × 12 Sensas CCX4. Bottom of the far shelf. 0.10 hook length. 18 808 hook.

Rig 4) 4 × 10 Sensas CCX1. On top of the far shelf. 0.10 hook length. 18 808 hook.

Rig 5) 4 × 10 Sensas CCX1. Up in the water rig. 0.10 hook length. 18 808 hook.

The plan of feeding the swim was based around the lakes IDE which tend to feed well for an hour or so and then chase them around the swim, hence the varied rigs.

Feeding was worms and casters and ground bait was 1KG of Sensas Surface mixed over wet and added black Sensas Tracix to darken the mix. The worms were chopped very finely. Casters fed short on top of the near shelf for the lakes barbel later in the match.

All in…

I went straight over on the 11.5 metre line with single caster on the hook, I fed a small kinder pot of sloppy mix and worms/casters. I caught an IDE around a pound and a quarter first drop but noticed they were coming even shallower. So I switched rigs to my Sensas CCX1 4×10 shallow rig, this was much better and a steady stream of IDE coming to the net.

Hour 1.

At the end of the first hour the shallow line started to slow but with 20 IDE in the net I had started well enough. Odd carp were being caught on peg 15 and peg 1 from what I could see, I was happy to stick with my plan.

Next two hours.

I caught a few more IDE deeper on the same line but they backed off after every fish. I moved a metre to the right and caught 3 more IDE then decided to cut the worm feed in favour of just Sensas Surface. This worked well with another 6-8 decent IDE from this switch.

Final hour.

Coming into the final hour I felt I was doing ok but behind peg 15 who had caught small carp steadily all match. I decided to look for a few barbel on top of the near shelf. First drop a barbel of around a pound and a half, this was followed by another of similar size then no more bites. I moved to a bigger rig down the shelf and caught another two barbel then again it slowed.

The whistle blew, I felt I had done ok but not enough as I had few bonus fish compared to some other pegs.

I walked around the lake and watched a few weigh between 30-53lb and peg 1 weigh 67lb. I felt I was a couple of bonus fish short. Next to weigh was peg 15 who I thought would win the match, the angler on there weighed 60lb and was looking like coming second. I pulled my barbel net out and they went just under 22lb, this was followed by the IDE net which went 45lb! 8oz’s off winning the match but I was more than happy with second. Pip on peg 1 had done very well to catch some big fish short and thoroughly deserved the win.


Pip (How end) 67lb Carp and barbel.
Amer Jawad (Sensas/Daiwa) 66lb 8oz IDE and Barbel.
Danny Langton (Bedford) 60lb 6 oz Carp.
Colin Flitcroft (Rive) 53lb 11oz Carp/IDE and Barbel.


It was one of those days when you think everyone else is doing better than you are but wished you would have just concentrated on what you were doing! Its a great little fishery Phil and Tarnya Stone run, I like the variation in the lakes. I was pleased with the match result and think today is something I can build on for future matches.

Tight lines



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