Greensands open

Sun 12 April 15


Event: Greensands open match, Sunday 12th April 2015.

Venue: Top pool and bottom pool. (Split matches)

Anglers: 28

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK and Daiwa UK

Pole: Daiwa Air.

Elastics: White and Blue Hydro, Solid Preston number 5.

Peg drawn: Peg 14

The draw…

A good turnout for today’s open match meant the two lakes would be used. As the top lake is the better of the two lakes for carp it was decided now the weather has warmed up that they would split the match into two separate matches to makes things fairer. So for me I wasn’t too worried where I drew on either lake, even though I did fancy any of the bends on either lake.

I pulled out peg 14 on the harder bottom pool, at first I was quite pleased with my draw but on arriving at my peg two things worried me, first the wind was very strong and blowing across the peg, this would make a long pole almost impossible to fish, and then as the other anglers arrived at their pegs it gave us anglers in the bend very little room.

The swim for the day

My approach:

I drew this lake a couple of weeks ago and did very well on a hard day fishing for the smaller fish like skimmers and roach, with odd F1’s and look for a bonus carp throughout the match. My plan was very similar today but the bonus carp line would be short and to my left where I had a large reed bed.

I assembled a number of rigs to cover all options, I find you need more rigs when you are looking at catching so many varied species as opposed to just carp rigs. But here up you need all of the rigs to cover…silvers, F1’s and carp!

First line, My plan was to start at 5m’s on pellet.
(Rig: 4×14 MW F1 slim, 0.12 – 0.10 hook length, 18 911 F1 hook)
(Elastic: Blue Hydro)

Second line was a maggot line short and to the left.
(Rig: 0.3 Sensas Jean Francoise, 0.10 – 0.8 hook length, 20 silverfish match hook)
(Elastic: Solid number 5)

Third line was to my left at 5-6m and work along the reed bed with corn.
(Rig: .30 MW hi viz margin, 0.15 – 0.13 hook length, 808 size 16 hook)
(Elastic: White Hydro)

I had duplicates of these rigs and also long pole rigs in case the wind dropped. Which it didn’t!

The all in…

I started at 5m with a 4mm pellet on feeding micros, I expected an instant response from the lakes small F1’s and skimmers but found the strong wind was playing havoc with the presentation and bites were hard to see and hit. I changed to a bigger rig of 0.5 gram which made it better but only small skimmers was all I could catch. After giving this line a good hour and seeing some better fish coming out where the wind was kinder I decided to come short on the maggot line where I had fed one large ball of Sensas Lake/Sweet fishmeal with no feed in just maggots over the top. I had bites from better skimmers and odd roach straight away, I was catching quite quickly then noticed the angler on my right hook and land a bonus ghost carp of around 8lb! I felt pegged back a bit but could see the lake was fishing very hard. So with this in mind I felt I could catch that 8lb up in small fish then look for my bonus fish later as this is usually a better time for them.

Second/third hours…

Coming towards the end of the three hours I had caught up the anglers who had the bonus fish, so I went back on the pellet to see if I could catch an odd F1. After 10 minutes the float buried and my first F1 was on, a decent fish of around 12oz’s. Another one next drop smaller then no more bites. The next hour was about picking off roach and small skimmers on the maggot before I made my move along the reed bed for a look to see if I could snare a bonus carp or two.

Last hour…

I fed a short line along the reed bed first by big potting corn and softened 4mm pellets. I gave this 15 minutes and only one small F1. I wasn’t happy with this line as the reeds blowing around made it difficult to present the rig properly. I moved to a small gap at 6m and it seemed cleaner on the bottom and also felt right! One big pot of pellets and a few grains of corn was fed here. I don’t mess about with a kinder type pot when i’am looking for a bonus fish late on, I try to emulate bait being thrown in at the end of the match. A bite within 10 minutes and a good fish of around 8lb was netted, next drop nothing so I fed some more bait and moved back onto the maggot line to top up my weight. After I felt it had settled another carp of around 3lb to end a good match. The scales arrived with 23lb being top weight, so thought it would be close as I weighed in 27lb. I had won the lake and bottom pool match.


Bottom lake match 1.

1) Amer Jawad (Sensas/Daiwa UK) 27lb 9oz
2) Harry Pringles (Biggleswade) 23lb 12oz
3) Graham Gwyne (Stevanage) 20lb 3oz
4) Pete Swan (Miracle Baits) 19lb 2oz

Top lake match 2.

1) Nigel Fawkes (Bagem matchbaits) 45lb 15oz
2) Mark Morgan (Greensands) 39lb 10oz
3) Dennis Holiday (Biggleswade) 33lb 8oz
4) Mark Davis (Bedford) 29lb 0oz


With conditions as bad as they were today I was pleased with the match I had fished. The draw was on paper what I wanted but it didn’t fish the way we expected it to with so many anglers on the lakes. I felt the approach was right and plundering the small fish again paid off! Also special mention to my good mate Nigel Fawkes on his recent comeback after illness, he made no mistake today by winning the top lake match with a brilliant 45lb! Well done pal!

Tight Lines


Foot Note – My next match blog will be from the Dutch Classic angling festival so until then…


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