Greensand's Fishery Open match

Wed 18 March 15


Event: Greensand’s Fishery Open match. Wednesday 18th March 2015.

Anglers fished: 28

Venue: Top lake/Greensand’s

Anglers name: Amer Jawad.

Sponsors: Daiwa/Sensas UK.

Peg number: Top lake 29

Pole: Daiwa Air.


Not fished here for a number of years and heard it had been recently stocked with some smaller fish, F1’s and skimmers. I made a few phone calls to see if I could get some information on the two lakes that were in today. I gathered most of the recent matches had been won with weights between 25-45lb, this is with every other peg in but thinking that today we would only have one blank peg due to the high numbers fishing. With this in mind I set my sights much lower and thought 20lb could be a good weight.

After drawing peg 29 on top lake I asked a few of the regulars what my peg was like, the answers weren’t what I really wanted to hear but with the close pegging I thought it might level out the fishing.

Bait tray:

Bait for the day was simple, 4mm expander pellets, 2mm micro pellets, 3 pts of red maggots and 4mm softened feed pellets.

My set up:

The office

The peg was featureless and about 13m wide, also a very shallow peg with only 3-4ft at its deepest. I set up light rigs, 0.20, 0.40 rigs with light 0.9mm hook lengths and size 20’s Drennan silverfish match hooks, coupled with light elastics on pullers. I wanted to catch everything that swims, what ever it took to catch my 20lb target!

The session:

The all in sounded, I didn’t feed any lines other than the line I started on which was at 5m’s just into the deeper water over the near shelf. Here I tapped out 10 micro pellets to start with. Hook bait to start was 4mm expander pellet. I looked around to see if any fish were coming out but saw nothing being caught. Behind me after 30 minutes I noticed more activity and a few fish being netted. I was thinking about switching hook baits to maggots when I had my first bite, a small F1 about 12 oz’s came to the net, this kept me on the pellet for a bit longer. Another bite a skimmer, followed by three more skimmers. After an hour I had about 3lb so was behind my target weight for the hour.

Hours 2-4…

Amer in action

At this point I made a few changes and left the short line which was just too slow in favour of the long pole line at 11.5m which was just where the bottom started to shallow up. I tapped in micros here and again with a 4mm expander on the hook. Two skimmers in two drops one going a 1lb was pleasing. I couldn’t see anything being caught on the lake so I stayed doing this for the next hour. Things started to slow so I decided on upping my game a bit and switched to maggots on this 11.5m line. Feeding just maggots now I caught Gudgeon nearly every drop! This wasn’t what I had expected and no skimmers. Back on the pellet and realised the line had gone from me! At this point I tried something a bit different and fed micros and put single red maggot on the hook, bingo! A good run of skimmers and two F1’s was the response. Approaching the final hour I guessed I had 12-13lb in the net, behind my target but it was fishing harder than I thought it would so my 20lb target for the lake win was looking more like 15lb would be enough.

Final hour…

This hour was were things really change for the better, I put a new line in at 10m down to my right, straight down the middle. I fed micros (6) and back onto pellet on the hook. I had an almost instant response from a good skimmer, followed by a much bigger fish in the face of a bonus 3lb mirror. Another 3 F1’s and a few skimmers to the whistle. I had a really strong finish and looked like I would be clear lake winner and possibly a framing position.

The weigh in…

The first 12 anglers to my left had already weighed in and 14lb was top weight, I knew the anglers to my right had a lot less than me so I felt confident of the lake win. My fish pulled the scales round to 23lb exactly which meant I had hit and passed my pre-match target.

The result:

I walked a few pegs on the bottom lake and watched a few weights of 18lb and a 21lb, seemed to be much better on that lake. Andy Dilley won the lake and match with a fantastic net of roach and a 7lb carp to pip me for the win. Well done Andy.

1) Andy Dilley (Chestnut Pool) Bottom lake 27lb 9oz
2) Amer Jawad (Daiwa/Sensas UK) Top lake 23lb 0oz
3) Dennis Holiday (Biggleswade) Bottom lake 21lb 12oz
4) Tom Martin (St Neots) Bottom lake 18lb 14oz
5) Malcolm Theakestone (Sandy) Bottom lake 18lb 4oz

Catch shot


It was a really enjoyable tough match, I felt it fell into my hands being hard as I was prepared to scratch for my 20lb target weight. Not knowing the fishery well I was pleased with how it panned out today.


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