Good Friday open match, Greensands

Fri 03 April 15


Event: Good Friday open match, Greensands. 3rd April 2015.

Venue: Greensands bottom lake.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK and Daiwa UK

Pole: Daiwa Air.

Peg drawn: Peg 9

The draw…

As per usual I arrived later than most anglers for this open match. I was under the impression that the match would be held on the top lake which I came to a few weeks ago and had a good result from the lake and match. So when I found I was on the bottom lake today a lake I hadn’t fished before I was quite pleased as I heard it was full of small fish, roach, skimmers and small F1’s.

I knew from previous matches on the two lakes the best pegs are the bends at either end of the lakes. Looking at the previous results this lakes was no different. I drew a straight last time and did well so when I pulled out peg 9 in the middle of the straight again I wasn’t really too worried even though the peg has been the hardest peg on the lake for two matches running! The last peg in the bag was on the bend too!

My approach:

I said after the last match on the top lake that a small fish approach would be a good idea as the weights to do well are only between 25 and 30lb. So with this still in my head I decided on putting up two small fish rigs on 4’s and 5’s solid elastics, these were coupled with 0.9 hook lengths and 18 and 20’s silverfish match hooks. .2 and .4 rigs topped off the rest.

The next three rigs were heavier being 0.10 hook lengths and heavier gauge hooks for the small carp and F1’s for pellets and maggots. ,

The all in…

On the whistle I decided to feed maggots very short for the small fish and pellets on a two plus line. I had a great start with small F1’s coming steadily but only 4-6oz all on 4mm expander pellets. Still if its a low weight day again these could prove valuable.

After an hour I was well ahead of the anglers around me but now and again the corner pegs on the bends were netting some bigger carp. The next hours were spent nicking roach and skimmers on maggots short as I rested the F1 lines and took odd F1’s. I had a look long against the island which on my bank wasn’t producing anything for the anglers around me, and for me the same. I dumped in micros and a few grains of corn and left it for 15 minutes.

15 minutes later…

I had a look back on the long line which I had dumped the bait on in the hope of nicking one of the lakes odd big fish. Within 30 seconds of lowering the rig in the float flew under, a decent carp was hooked. I netted the fish around 6-7lb which was a nice bonus.

Last hour…

As we arrived into the last hour things were hard on my bank with no more bites long. I fed a new line along the reeds looking for a late run of decent fish, as I had a good match and knew a late run would do it for me. It wasn’t great and only managed two more F1’s and a small carp to finish the match.

Word was the end pegs in the bends were good and I was best on the straights. This proved about right as I weighed in 40lb. The anglers on either end of the lake weighed 56 and 57lb and I was only a pound behind the next weight.

Reflection and result…

I was very pleased with my match today, its a new venue for me but learning all the time is a good thing for future matches. My catch was made up of 15lb of roach/skimmers and one carp of 6-7lb the rest small F1’s. Watching the anglers weigh in on the bends, their fish were mainly larger fish and few fish for their weights. The three anglers around me came bottom three in the match so I really feel my approach for my peg was right. Looking forward to getting back again.

Tight lines.

Amer Jawad


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