Chestnut Pool open

Sun 01 March 15


Event: Chestnut Pool (Silver fish and pole only) Open match. 1st March 2015

Venue: Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK and Daiwa sports.

Peg drawn: 4

Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastics: Preston solid 4 and Daiwa Hydro (Yellow)

The draw…

It was nice to be back at Chestnut Pool, a venue I haven’t been to since last summer. In the summer months the skimmers and bream are the main target species but on speaking to the local anglers when I arrived the skimmers and bream seem to be coming out of certain pegs. I looked at the weigh sheet from last weeks final winter league round and noticed how bad it fished in certain areas, but how good it was in others. The conditions for today’s match were awful with strong winds blowing across the lake towards pegs 2-5 on the bank as you walk in, with this in mind they moved a peg out of there and placed it on the opposite bank where the wind was off those pegs and calmer.

I fancied pegs 8/12/13 and 14 as the pegs to draw, but as I was last in the bag I could only watch as unbelievably they were the first 4 pegs out of the draw! I was left with peg 4. This is an area that has been very hard and with the wind as strong as it was all the more difficult to fish. But it had been mild and I still went with a positive attitude.

My approach:

On arriving at my peg I couldn’t help notice how strong the wind was, if anything it was picking up and just getting stronger. I set up a couple of pole rigs first just to get the feel of the tow and wind. I couldn’t ship the pole out to plumb the depth as the pole was bent double! So I left the sections safe and just took a top 5 out for use. First rig was a bulked down 0.5 gram rig which I plumbed at 5m in front, here it was about 4 and a half feet deep. I put the rig out and noticed the strong undertow which was pulling the rig against the waves. So my next rig was a 1 gram olivette rig with just two number 10 droppers and a 20 cm hook length for fishing over depth and for holding still. A third duplicate rig was set up and one long pole rig just in case the wind dropped later.

My plan was to target the lakes roach and hopefully nick a skimmer or two late on if I get the chance to fish the long pole. With this in mind I mixed up two bags of Sensas Roach 3000 and Lake Sweet fishmeal (75%/25%). I mixed it slightly stickier than normal with he strong tow in mind and not wanting too much cloud coming off the mix. In the ground bait I put a total of 100ml dead pinkies and 200ml of casters, these measures from the Drennan pole pot.

The all in…

On the whistle I fed two balls of ground bait to the left of the 5m line and another two balls to the right, about 1 metre apart. I wasn’t going to loose feed anything just yet until I understood what the tow and fish response was going to be like.

I started on red maggot on the 0.5 gram rig pushed to the left with the undertow pulling from left to right. It took 10 minutes to get my first bite, a roach around 2oz’s. I noticed Image angler, John Weedon catching small skimmers fishing slightly further out next door on peg 5. Another couple of small roach on the maggot but nothing much bigger than 2-3oz’s. All the bites were coming directly over the ground bait so I switched rigs to the heavier 1g float and switched baits too from maggots to caster as I felt the fish must be feeding on the bait with bites coming directly over it. First drop in a better fish was hooked, a roach of 6oz which I was pleased to see. For the next 3 hours I just fished to the left and fed a small nugget of ground bait when bites died there and switched to the right and repeated the process. This worked well and I was in a good rhythm of catching.

I could see the fancied pegs on the opposite bank were catching skimmers and odd bream and with an hour or so to go John next door said one of them was owning up to 50lb! I said really? I felt I needed a bonus fish or two to go with my net if roach so sacrificed an hour trying to hold the pole as long as dare fish. After the hour I had caught two small skimmers so felt I had just lost a few pounds trying. Back on the short pole for the last 20 minutes and I was back catching on the caster. I caught a bonus Rudd of around a 1lb too.

The weigh in…

The scales arrived at my peg and glancing down at the board I could see there wasn’t any big weights but 29lb being top weight of fancied peg 8 with pegs 12 and 13 weighing 26lb and 24lb respectively. My roach weight went 22lb and although pleasing felt I should have stuck to my short pole approach as the lost time cost me at least 5lb of fish! But that’s hindsight and I was very pleased with my match and to come 4th from the peg with the conditions.

Well done to the top placed anglers and look forward to the next one.

1) Gary (Image) 29lb 5oz peg 8 (skimmers.)
2) Dave Whitman (Oakwood angling) 26lb 9oz peg 13 (roach and skimmers)
3) Terry (Oakwood Angling) 24lb 9oz peg 12 (Skimmers)
4) Amer Jawad (Sensas/Daiwa) 21 15oz peg 4 (roach)
5) John Weedon (Image) 20lb 0oz peg 5 (skimmers)


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