Chestnut Pool open match. 23rd August 2015

Mon 31 August 15


Event: Chestnut Pool Pole only (14.5m limit) open match. 23rd August 2015.

Venue: Chestnut Pool, Langford, Bedfordshire.

Peg: 4 (Golden peg draw)

Angler: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK/Daiwa UK

Pole used: Daiwa Air

Elastic: White Hydro elastics

Today’s draw…

It’s been a while since I updated my angling blog so to give you an idea how my summer at this venue has gone match fishing wise…

6 match wins, 1 golden peg win, 3 seconds and a third. So ten matches and all framing positions. My weights have been averaging over 100 LB a match with weights topping 160lb recently and nearly breaking the silverfish record from last season. Only missing out by a 1lb!

So with confidence very high I have not been overly worried about where I draw here. So when I pulled out peg 4 I wasn’t disappointed even though I know there are easier pegs it’s by no means a bad area of the lake. To top it off it was also another golden peg! So an added benefit to trying to win today.

With two local anglers either side of me today I knew I needed to fish well as pegs 3 and 5 have shown good recent form.

My approach…

I set up 4 pole rigs for the swim.

Rig 1) 4×14 bulk down MW Plinker 0.13 – 0.11 hook length. 808 16 hook.
Rig 2) 4×14 spread bulk MW Plinker 0.13 – 0.11 hook length. 808 16 hook.
Rig 3) 4×16 bulk down MW Plinker 0.13 – 0.11 hook length. 808 16 hook.
Rig 4) 4×14 bulk down MW Plinker 0.16 – 0.14 hook length. 175 size 3 hook.

Bait tray…

Sensas Lake Sweet fish meal ground bait.
4mm hard pellets. 2 pints.
5 tins of sweet corn.
2 pints of meat.

One long pole line at 13m, a short pole line at 7m.

How did the match unfold?

I started long at 13m always leaving the area 1.5m past this alone in case I need to move out after the fish that sulk and back off. I fed mainly corn through the bug pot here and then Sensas Lake sweet fish meal and pellets with few grains of corn on the shorter 7m line. For the first part of the match long on corn was difficult with just off hand sized skimmers come from this line. I switched to meat and this was no better. I decided to take a look on the shorter line a bit sooner than I wanted leaving 100ml of corn long through the big pot.

It was just as slow with only smaller fish coming from both lines. I went back long at 13m and decided to get my head down and put what I could I my net whilst I waited for the lines to come to life. 2 hours in I felt I had at least 20lb which was less than I have been catching at this stage in my recent matches here by some way. Looking around and bank walkers were saying 30lb was too weight where the wind was blowing. So I wasn’t far off the pace.

Final two hours…

I decided to up the feed through the big pot by feeding an extra 50ml of corn every feed and fish it out. Almost instantly I had a good response from better sized skimmers and bream up to 3lb. I repeated this feeding pattern at 7m as I did at 13m and alternated both lines as they moved in and out. This approach worked brilliantly and I felt I was well up there netting fish regularly.

My match got stronger as the match approached the final 30 minutes. I had already netted two smallish carp as they came in to feed where the bream where. With this in mind I switched to my heavier rig with 0.14 hook lengths. Two carp around 8 and 12lb, along with two more bream gave me an maxing final two hours fishing!

Rob Heath on my right had also had a good match and had put the net under carp and skimmers but I felt my finish was very strong on a slower day in general.

Dave Henegan on the end peg put 80lb on the scales, then weights around 50lb until Rob weighed 81lb to put himself in the lead, my Skimmers went 70lb and my 4 carp went 33lb for a total weight of 103lb and another match win. Second golden peg in August!


1) Amer Jawad (Sensas) 103lb 7oz Skimmers and 4 carp. Corn
2) Rob Heath (Popplets Tackle) 81lb 2oz Skimmers and 1 carp.
3) Dave Henegan (Chestnut Pool) 80lb 1oz Skimmers and carp.
4) Clive Cole (St Neots) 64lb 5oz Skimmers andcarp.
5) Tom Cole (St Neots) 55lb 4oz Skimmers and1 carp.
6) Tom Hawkins (Luton AC) 48lb 4oz. Skimmers and carp.

Thoughts of today’s match…

For the first time this season I felt my match was going well away from me. So to turn it around and win again from another bonus peg was very pleasing. The carp played a part as they tend to for other anglers too, and the timing of the lines fed and switched to made a big difference. When it’s easier you can plunder one main line here but today the two lines were very important.

Tight lines



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