Chestnut Pool open 24th of May 2015

Sun 24 May 15


Event: Open match, Chestnut Pool, Bedfordshire. 24th May 2015.

Pole only match.

Venue: Chestnut Pool

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Daiwa and Sensas UK.

Pole: Daiwa Air

Peg drawn: 29

The office

The draw: It was my first summer visit to this wonderful fishery tucked away in Bedfordshire. I got there early for this match as it gave me time to have a walk around the lake and also talk to some of the anglers who have been on the open matches recently. 70-80lb has been winning the matches in recent weeks, with mainly skimmers and odd carp pushing the weights up. I wasn’t overly bothered where I drew today but with the wind blowing into pegs 2-5 and pegs 29 and 30 I did fancy those areas.

I was first in the draw bag and pulled out peg 29 on the shallow bank. I was happy enough with this draw as the wind was blowing towards the corner which was to my right (Peg 30).

My approach:

As this is a pole only match and a 14m pole limit it means it’s a fairly simple approach to the matches here. The bank I was on doesn’t have much depth closer to our bank so I planned on starting at 13m leaving the 14m line as a back off area if I need to venture that far today. The depths don’t vary very much from 8-14m so the areas I was looking to attack are around these lengths. The peg I was on is towards the corner of the lake so for this reason I chose a slightly longer pole length to start with.

Rigs are fairly simple with rigs ranging from MW slims in 4×12/4×14 and 4×16 sizes. Lighter float sizes have spread bulks and larger floats just a simple bulk and two 11 droppers.

Elastics: White hydro elastics in all tops coupled with puller kits.


My bait table was simple enough with mainly corn/meat and ground bait. As more carp have been showing and could prove valuable I always find fishing over a bed of ground bait tends to attract them.

All in…

On the whistle I cupped in two big balls of Sensas Lake Sweet fishmeal ground bait packed with corn in. On top of this I cupped in half a large pot of corn. First drop a skimmer of around a pound which was a great sign, next bite took at least 15 minutes. I watched as the angler on peg 30 next door caught better than me for the first hour with me on only 3 skimmers and he was on at least 8! I was confident my approach was right just didn’t seem to be as many skimmers in front of me early on. I potted another ball of ground bait in as they came to it straight away at the start, a bite followed and a decent skimmer of around 2lb was netted. The next hour just got better and better with hardly a drop in without a bite! I noticed the angler on peg 20 on the left hand bank was catching well also and looked like the one to watch.

Third hour.

I felt I was doing well enough and just kept the bites coming by topping the peg with corn and meat, but corn seemed best on the hook. As this hour ended I felt I had a good 50lb of skimmers in my net so went to get a second net for silvers. Only 60lb of skimmers per net and a separate net for carp, hence the second silvers net needed.

During the next two hours the carp decided to make an appearance. The skimmers went quiet and usually a sign a carp or two has come over the feed now. Within 10 minutes I was into my first carp of the day, after 10 minutes a lovely mirror of around 12lb was netted. Although the carp arrived I still fish very light elastics as I find they don’t fight quite as hard and don’t lose as many. Another couple of skimmers and another carp hooked. This was a slightly bigger mirror of around 14lb in size, so now I was more than happy with my match and looking at a weight of over a ton.

A smaller common carp around 8lb and a few more skimmers before we entered the final hour.

Final hour…

I upped the feed through the pot and even catapulted bait over the top late on. I caught another carp and a few more skimmers before I lifted the rig into something very large! I knew straight away this was a big carp as I just couldn’t budge the fish as it moved around the peg. It took a good 20 minutes before I even saw it and then I saw its tail first which looked bigger than most of the skimmers I had caught! After 30 minutes the fish had tired enough for me to see it, I couldn’t believe the size of it and knew it would struggle to fit into my landing net head. Eventually it came to the surface and after three attempts to get it into the net I got it’s head in first and lifted the fish slowly towards me and somehow lifted it out with my arms around it. The fish looked 20lb plus and I was tired enough with only minutes of the match left to stop fishing at this point. The whistle blew and ended a perfect match.

The scales arrived from to me with peg 20 weighing a fantastic 109lb of carp and skimmers. I pulled my first silvers net out which went 22lb, the second silvers net went 58lb. So with 80lb of silvers now for the 6 carp… They went 79lb! The biggest fish going a staggering 22lb! Some fish to catch on the pole and 0.12 hook lengths. Awesome day and match.


1) Amer Jawad – (Sensas UK/Daiwa) 159-2oz Skimmers and 6 Carp.
2) Nick Darke – (Got Baits) 109-08 Skimmers and carp.
3) Dave Hennegan – (Chestnut Pool) 71-05 Skimmers and carp.
4) Jack Jones – (Oakwood Angling) 63-14 Skimmers.
5) Bob Jarvis – (Lake John) 57-05. Skimmers and carp.


It’s hard not to be happy with a result like that today, not all matches go to plan but when they do it make all the bad matches seem very distant! I needed to fish a good match as Nick on peg 20 fished a great match to catch 109lb which in any day here would be more than enough to win. The icing on the cake being a 22lb mirror carp on light pole gear. All in all an amazing days fishing.

Tight lines.



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