Angling Trust winter league round 4

Sun 02 November 14


Angling Trust winter league round 4, Castle Ashby. Sunday 2nd November 2014.

Anglers Name: Amer Jawad

Team: Team Guru

Sponsor : Daiwa

Venue: Brickyard Lake (Castle Ashby)

Peg drawn: Peg 11


Pole: Daiwa Air

Elastic: Black Hydrolastic

Hook lengths: 0.17 Reflo Powerline on the pole and 0.19 on the method feeder.

Hook pattern: Tubertini 175 size 3 on the pole and size 18 and 16 B911 eyed on the method feeder.

Floats: MW margin floats in sizes 4×14.

Bait: Dead red maggots and groundbait for the margin lines and pellets and mini boilies for the method.

The draw: Peg 11 (Brickyard lake)

My swim for the day

Our team draw was just what we hoped for, we had the peg that every team wanted, peg 7. This out us on some of the best pegs on the lakes. I was on the fancied Brickyard lake and on a fancied peg, peg 11. This peg is in the far corner of the lake and can be good for some big margin fish, if they play game?

The session:

I decided on a very simple approach to the match, two margin swims and a method feeder cast about 30 yards to the far bank. I started by dumping half a pint of dead red maggots in three balls of groundbait on each line, then started on the method across the lake against a small reed bed.

An hour in I knew it wasn’t going to be easy as I had very few indications on the rod, so a quick look down my margin to my left, but again nothing. I cast back out on the method feeder and straight away started to get small indications on the tip, two small carp of a pound each came to the net but noticed the bites were cagey. I dropped down to an 0.17 hook length and size 18 B911 eyed hook with a hair rigged mini yellow boilie. This had the desired effect with a run of the small carp pulling the tip round. Every time I rested this line it was slightly better so I just alternated this line with looking in the margins, all the while leaving some more bait via a pole cup. An angler on the opposite bank peg 18 was catching very well and this peg is in my section, even though he was catching as many as me they looked much bigger. The angler next door had less than a pound and I was on about 20lb, so looking like I was going to be second in the section at worse.

Final hour…

The final hour produced another 5 small carp on mini yellow boilies and now in as thinking about framing. The scales arrived and I put 20 small carp in the net for 31lb and second in my section 5th in the match overall.


I was very pleased with the match I fished today and couldn’t have done any better from the peg. With having the match winner in my section on the opposite bank meant I needed to double my weight to do any better. The only way that would have happened was if I caught a few margin lumps which never showed up today. My team came back with an amazing 55 point score and put us well clear in the league with two matches to go.

Final rewards for the day!

League and individual result

1) Andy Beasley (Garbolino RAF) 60lb 12oz
2) Nigel Fawkes (Team Guru) 53lb 12oz
3) Ian Smith (Maver MK) 47lb 12oz
4) Graham West (Preston Innovations BH) 40lb 4oz
5) Amer Jawad (Team Guru) 30lb 14oz
6) Chris Scott (A-Team) 25lb 6oz

League to date

Team Guru 8 pts
Maver Milton Keynes 12 pts
Castle Ashby Youth 12 pts
Royal Mail 16 pts
Garbolino RAF 17 pts
Preston Innovations Black Horse 19 pts
Browning 30 pts
A-Team 30 pts


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