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Fri 26 September 14


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34 years as an angler, I have lots of fond memories of my fishing years.

I remember setting my rod up in the dark, feeding my line through the rod rings with the aid of the street lights next to Liverpool’s Sefton Park Lake. This is how keen I was and still am.

From those days I have gone from being Merseyside’s young junior champion with over a thousand anglers entering back in 1984…with a winning net of skimmers from the Runcorn stretch of the Bridgwater canal to qualifying for a Fishomania final in 2007 and fishing a World Angling Championships in Poland in 2013 and seeing Tri-Cast Team Wales finish 9th in the world. Including national winning medals and finishing top individual in 3 different winter leagues my fishing has been a success.

These days I fish on various venues, mainly in the South of England since moving away from the North 29 years ago, so it’s been a learning curve but one I have thrived on in this time. I was asked to join the mighty Essex County team in early 2003 and then asked to join Kamasan Starlets after that. My team fishing these days are more smaller team events like the teams of 4 Tunnel Barn Farm winter league which I have been fortunate to have won 3 times and runner up twice!

I now like to help other anglers as much as I can, this is why I like to write blogs on my good and bad matches. I also feature in most magazines which is also something I enjoy.

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