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Open results

Sun 19 November 17 - Westwood Lakes - Skylark lake - 25 Fished

It was a bit of a chilly start to the day but the promise of warming up a bit made the frosty keepnets easier to pick up! 25 anglers took part in the match today on Skylark lake for the regular sunday open.

First place went to Adam Swain who was at peg 31 and grabbed 31lbs 12oz. Second was Steve Lane on peg 27 with 28lbs. Third was Brian Harding on peg 33 with 23lbs 12oz.

1. Adam Swain – peg 31 – 31lbs 12 oz
2. Steve Lane – peg 27 – 28lbs
3. Brian Harding – peg 33 – 23lbs 12oz
4. Jon Bates – peg 29 – 22lbs 8oz


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Over 50s open results

Thu 16 November 17 - Westwood lakes - Falcon Lake - 23 Fished

23 anglers took part today on our weekly Over 50’s Open match. It was held on Falcon lake.

First place went to Paul Oglesbee sitting at peg 44 with 49lbs. Second was John Taylor at peg 10 with 38lbs 4oz and third was Ron Roberts at peg 42 with 36lbs 8oz. Congrats to the winners!

• Paul Oglesbee – peg 44 – 49lbs
• John Taylor – peg 10 – 38lbs 4oz
• Ron Roberts – peg 42 – 36lbs 8oz
• Cameron Stokes – peg 38 – 31lbs 8oz
• Rick Tweddell – peg 12 – 29lbs


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Open results

Tue 14 November 17 - Westwood Lakes - Swallow lake - 12 Fished

12 anglers found that it was pretty mild today when they took part in the Westwood Lakes tuesday open match on Swallow lake.
First place went to Steve Lane on peg 9 with 55lbs 0oz. Second was Paul Oglesbee at peg 4 with 51lbs 0oz. Third was Brian Harding at peg 7 with 37lbs 0oz.

1. Steve Lane – peg 9 – 55lbs 0oz
2. Paul Oglesbee – peg 4 – 51lbs 8oz
3. Brian Harding – peg 7 – 37lbs 0oz
4. Joe White – peg 5 – 32lbs 4oz


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Daiwa Autumn Classic Festival Report

Sun 12 November 17 - Westwood Lakes

Daiwa Autumn Classic Festival Report

Well what a fantastic past three days it has been for all the anglers who attended the Daiwa Autumn classic festival. A total of 61 anglers were ready to battle it out over the next three days. Andy Bennett was favourite for the festival but with some new faces it wasn’t going to be easy for him.

Going into Day one saw the anglers go to their first lake and get ready for the all in. There was so many good anglers on the festival it would be good to see how each of them approached there peg in a different way. On Skylark Simon Beswick was the man doing the business from peg 35 fishing soft pellets across in the deep water to catch a good head of Carp. Falcon Lake was fishing a bit hard due to the conditions, but Barry Young on peg 13 seemed to be coping by fishing soft pellets down the edge late on to catch F1’s up to 2lb. The bag up Lake Osprey was surely living up to its name with Andy Bennett catching up in the water with maggots from peg 15. The new addition of Swallow Lake was going to catch some people off guard, but Lee Turner was keeping it simple by fishing pellets short down the first shelf to catch small stockie Carp steady for the most of the day from peg 21.

Section Winners from the first day

Section One – Ryan Lidgaurd Peg 7 – 70lb 8oz
Section Two- Dave Ebbrell Peg 11 – 53lb 2oz
Section Three- Alan Bickley Peg 29 – 53lb 0oz
Section Four- Simon Beswick (Lake Winner) Peg 35– 114lb 8oz
Falcon –
Section One – Luke Sears Peg 7- 52lb 6oz
Section Two- Barry Young Peg 13(Lake Winner)- 79lb 2oz
Section Three- Joe Cartwright Peg 29- 76lb 14oz
Section Four- Martin Botteram Peg 41- 48lb 12oz
Osprey/ Swallow
Section One Osprey– Pete Tickle Peg 3 – 181lb 4oz
Section Two Osprey- Andy Bennett Peg 15(Lake Winner)- 189lb 0oz
Section Three Swallow- Daz Shaw Peg 2- 86lb 8oz
Section Four Swallow- Lee Turner Peg 21- 92lb 12oz

Day Two the Anglers changed around and saw the lakes starting to improve on weights. James Howarth drew the same peg that won the day before on Skylark (Peg 35) and the fish had not moved. Falcon was becoming a tight match with Ady Gathercole (Peg 41) and Adam Swain (Peg 47)running away with the lake win but it was going to be tight with both anglers fishing tight across. Osprey was still producing with Luke Sears (Peg 9)looking like he was on his way to another section win. But Dale Shepherd on Peg 15 was running away with the match win by fishing down the edge on pellets. Swallow Lake was producing some big fish with Mark Taylor catching carp up to 8lb on Peg 21.

Section Winners from Day Two

Section One –Martin Baverstock Peg 1- 62lb 0oz
Section Two– David Chipperfield Peg 17- 71lb 8oz
Section Three- Cliff Adams Peg 27-92lb 10oz
Section Four- James Howarth (Lake Winner) Peg 35-141lb 12oz
Falcon –
Section One – Jon Jowlett Peg 9- 62lb 10oz
Section Two- Steve Parry Peg 15- 52lb 8oz
Section Three- John Southgate Peg 27- 55lb 8oz
Section Four- Ady Gathercole Peg 41 (Lake Winner)- 92lb 14oz
Osprey/ Swallow
Section One Osprey– Luke Sears Peg 9-154lb 12oz
Section Two Osprey- Dale Shepherd Peg 15 (Lake Winner)-173lb 8oz
Section Three Swallow- Adam Southgate Peg 4- 115lb 8oz
Section Four Swallow- Mark Taylor Peg 21- 126lb 13oz

It was all tight going into the last day with Luke Sears on a perfect two points but there was a lot of people on three points after him. On Skylark Joe Cartwright was looking like he was winning the lake from peg 3. Falcon saw Daz Shaw to be off the wind and catching small Carp steady on soft pellets off peg 23. Osprey was fishing hard but Aiden Mansfield was catching steady down the middle on maggots from peg 15. Swallow Lake was only getting better with Jon Jowlett catching long down the edge on peg 13.
Section Winners from the first day
Section One – Joe Cartwright Peg 3 (Lake Winner)- 85lb 12oz
Section Two- Martin Botteram Peg 13- 82lb 14oz
Section Three- Barry Young Peg 25- 82lb 10oz
Section Four- Richard Kinnersley Peg 39- 72lb 10oz
Falcon –
Section One – Paul Holland Peg 7- 94lb 12oz
Section Two- Gary Ford Peg 15- 42lb 0oz
Section Three- Daz Shaw Peg 23 (Lake Winner)- 124lb 4oz
Section Four- Andy Bennett Peg 45- 103lb 14oz
Osprey/ Swallow
Section One Osprey– Adam Swain Peg 9- 110lb 12oz
Section Two Osprey- Aiden mansfield Peg 15- 126lb 6oz
Section Three Swallow- Steve Parry Peg 2- 117lb 0oz
Section Four Swallow- Jon Jowlett Peg 13(Lake Winner)-133lb 0oz

Overall it was a tight Festival with a lot of the top 10 going on weight count back. But a big well done to Andy Bennett on winning the Festival. We enjoyed the company of all the anglers that have fished and hope to see you in the future. Also a massive thank you for Daiwa on sponsoring another festival and their support.

We are have the Daiwa Spring classic Festival in May. The Drennan over 50’s Festival In July and the Daiwa Autumn classic Festival in November. Tickets now on sale for all the festivals, and limited accommodation is available For any more information please ring the bait and tackle shop on 01205 724162 and select Option 2.


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Over 50s open results

Mon 06 November 17 - Westwood Lakes - Skylark Lake - 36 Fished

With nearly a full lake and temperatures dropping it was going to be hard work. Gary Hazzlewood (Westwood Lakes) was the one to catch a few today. By fishing Maggots long on the pole from peg 24 to take the win with 85lb 0oz. In second was John Lowe (Westwood Lakes) who used same tactics but down the edge to weigh 46lb 8oz. In third was Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) From peg 22 with 45lb 8oz.

1 – Gary Hazzlewood (Westwood Lakes) peg 24 – 85lb 0oz
2 – John Lowe (Westwood Lakes) peg 37 – 46lb 8oz
3 – Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) peg 22- 45lb 8oz


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Open results

Tue 17 October 17 - Westwood Lakes - Swallow lake - 16 Fished

With the weather on the turn it was going to be a change of tactics for some anglers. But Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) was the man who fount the best way, by fishing pellets long on the deck paul caught carp up to 8lb and with alot of F1’s as a back up. paul ended up with 95lb 13oz for a lake win. In second was Steve Johnson (Matrix/ Wensum Valley AC) from peg 9 with 85lb 4oz, who fished pellets short and long. In third was Paul Porter (Westwood Lakes) from peg 6 with 61lb 12oz.

1. Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) peg 5- 95lb 13oz
2. Steve Johnson (Matrix/ Wensum Valley AC) peg 9 – 85lb 4oz
3. Paul Porter (Westwood Lakes) peg 6 -61lb 12oz.


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Open Results

Sun 15 October 17 - Westwood Lakes - Falcon lake - 28 Fished

With a cold wind across falcon lake today it was going to be a struggle. Richard Kinersley (Westwood Lakes) was the man today fishing pellets down the edge from peg 49 to win the match with 112lb 10oz. In Second opposite him was Ady Gathercole (Westwood Lakes) on peg 1 who used same tactics to weigh 98lb 10oz. In third was Wayne Elliot (Westwood Lakes) from peg 19 with 92lb 0oz.

1. Richard Kinersley (Westwood Lakes) peg 49 – 112lb 10oz
2. Ady Gathercole (Westwood Lakes) peg 1 – 98lb 10oz
3. Wayne Elliot (Westwood Lakes) peg 19 – 92lb 0oz.


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Over 50s Open Results

Thu 12 October 17 - Westwood Lakes - Skylark/Swallow lakes - 50 Fished

With the Over 50’s having a great turn out we had to split it over 2 lakes today. Over on Skylark with it being a full it was going to be hard work. Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) was the man to catch a few today, Dave fished pellets long and worms short. To catch a mixed bag from peg 31 to weigh 77lb 4oz. Not too far behind was Rick Tweddell (Westwood Lakes) was second from peg 9 with 75lb 2oz. In Third was Mick Morgan (Westwood Lakes) from peg 17 with 52lb 4oz.

On Swallow Ray Redwood (Westwood Lakes) was the man to beat fishing pellets short on the pole and a method feeder to the island , on peg 20 to weigh 90lb 12oz. In second was Keith Todd (Westwood Lakes) from peg 14 with 86lb 2oz. In Third was Colin Mitchell (Westwood Lakes) from peg 7 with 76lb 10oz.

Skylark Lake
1. Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) peg 31 – 77lb 4oz
2. Rick Tweddell (Westwood Lakes) peg 9 – 75lb 2oz
3. Mick Morgan (Westwood Lakes) peg 17- 52lb 4oz

Swallow Lake
1. Ray Redwood (Westwood Lakes) peg 20 – 90lb 12oz
2. Keith Todd (Westwood Lakes) peg 14 – 86lb 2oz
3. Colin Mitchell (Westwood Lakes) peg 7 – 76lb 10oz


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Open Results

Tue 10 October 17 - Westwood Lakes - Skylark lake - 34 Fished

With the lake near on full today and high winds it was going to be a struggle. But Superstar Ray Smart (Smart Renders) was the man today. Ray fished down the edge on peg 37 towards the next platform to catch carp up to 8lb winning the match with 134lb 0oz. At the other end of the lake was Shane Law (Smart Renders) who used the same tactics by fishing pellets down the edge to take second with 99lb 4oz from peg 17. In third was Ray Redwood (Westwood Lakes) from peg 35 with 77lb 2oz.

1. Ray Smart (Smart Renders) peg 37 – 134lb 0oz
2. Shane Law (Smart Renders ) peg 17 – 99lb 4oz
3. Ray Redwood (Westwood Lakes) peg 35- 77lb 2oz


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Open Results

Sun 08 October 17 - Westwood Lakes - Skylark Lake - 26 Fished

With the weights starting to drop now for winter but a great turn out for Skylark. Richard Kinersley (Westwood Lakes) was able to show everyone the way today by fishing soft pellet short and long to catch a mixed bag from peg 31 weighing 148lb 2oz . In second was Barry Young (Westwood Lakes) who used similar tactics from peg 4 to weigh 135lb 8oz . Not far behind in third was Micheal Brooker (Marukyu ) from peg 40 with 123lb 14oz.

1. Richard Kinersley (Westwood Lakes) peg 31- 148lb 2oz
2. Barry Young (Westwood Lakes) peg 4 – 135lb 8oz
3. Micheal Brooker (Marukyu ) peg 40 – 123lb 14oz


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Over 50s open results

Thu 05 October 17 - Westwood Lakes - Falcon Lake - 36 Fished

With a Few more tunring out to get there self out on the bank before the weather turns it put some hard fishing on the cards for our anglers. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) caught slow and steady fishing paste short on a top kit to win the match with 126lb 12oz from peg 28. In second was Sammy Turner (Westwood Lakes) from peg 46 with 116lb 4oz. In third was regular Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) from peg 49 with 96lb 8oz.

1. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) peg 28 – 126lb 12oz
2. Sammy Turner (Westwood Lakes) peg 46- 116lb 4oz
3. Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) peg 49 -96lb 8oz


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Liam Wilson Memorial Match

Sun 24 September 17 - Westwood Lakes - Falcon & Kestral lakes

With the annual Liam Wilson Memorial match today it was more about the anglers having fun and remembering Liam. With the sun shinning bright in the sky over 60 anglers turning up to pay there remembrance, the match was spread over 3 lakes to give people some room. On Sklark Lake saw Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) take the win from peg 14 with 179lb 12oz. Paul fished pellets up and down his edges to catch carp to 8lb. In second was Paul Clay (Wyberton Social Club) from peg 8 with 143lb 0oz. In third was Young Dynamite angler Adam Swain (Dynamite Baits) from peg 2 with 109lb 0oz.

1. Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) peg 14- 179lb 12oz
2. Paul Clay (Wyberton Social Club) peg 8- 143lb 0oz
3. Adam Swain (Dynamite Baits)peg 2-109lb 0oz

On falcon Lake Saw Mick stamp (Preston/ Sonu baits) put in a superb pellet masterclass by fishing pellets short and across to take the lake win with 155lb 2oz from peg 7. Not far behind was local superstar Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) from peg 13 with 142lb 0oz. In third was Martin Kirk (Weswtood Lakes) with 127lb 12oz from peg 2.

1. Mick stamp (Preston/ Sonu baits) peg 7- 179lb 12oz
2. Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) peg 13 – 142lb 0oz
3. Martin Kirk (Weswtood Lakes) peg 2- 127lb 12oz

The Only 1 match on this lake a year proved worthwhile with Paul Harsley (Burt Baits/ Tri-cast) showing everyone the way from peg 28. Paul fished against the island with pellets to win the lake with 134lb 12oz from peg 28. In second was Marukyu man Steve Winter (Marukyu) from peg 8 with 125lb 4oz. In third place just under the ton was Rick Tweddle (Westwood Lakes) with 99lb 12oz from peg 24.

1st Paul Harsley (Burt Baits/ Tri-cast) peg 28- 134lb 12oz
2nd Steve Winters (Marukyu) peg 8- 125lb 4oz
3rd Rick Tweddle (Westwood Lakes) peg 24- 99lb 12oz

Would just like to say on behalf of Westwood Lakes, Thank you to everyone who attended and Donated Raffle prizes. I think Dave Wilson was definitely overwhelmed with the support and donations. A total of £750 was raised for Liam’s charities


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