Tri-Cast News

Wed 30 November 16

Over the past few years, the UKMA team have reviewed numerous products from the Tri-Cast pole range with exceptional results after long term field testing. So when we received the following press release from the company’s marketing manager Steven Hopkinson, giving us the down low on the new Trilogy 2 Power Margin Pole, we were instantly interested in what the Lancashire based company had to say.

Steven told usThe Trilogy 2 Power Margin’s predecessor the TRILOGY XRS POWER MARGIN has been in circulation for 4 seasons now and each year won the accolade of been voted Margin Pole of the Year. So when we say this new model is streets ahead in design, and performance then you will appreciate just how good it must be. It has not just taken margin pole fishing to another level, but taken it several levels

Steven continuedThis has been achieved by the use of a brand new Military grade material which has not only increased the strength and at the same time reduced the overall weight, but has also massively increased the stiffness, response and performance of the pole. It has been designed at 12.2mtrs which is its full length, but like its previous model comes at 9mtrs as standard with extensions to 10.6mtrs and 12.2mtrs. Make no mistakes this pole is not a 9mtr pole with 2 extensions added it is a superbly balanced and responsive pole at 12.2mtrs. There is also a Top 2 Cupping Kit complete with 2 cups available to purchase as a spare”.

Steven finished off by telling usNot only strong enough to cope with any margin fishing, but with lightening response can cope with silver fish bites as well. For the very first time in any pole you have the perfect combination of power & response. Made on the same mandrill as the previous model and therefore all kits and parts will interchange. The Trilogy 2 Power Margin comes supplied as standard with a Spare Power Top 2 Kit, Cap, Towel and in its own Holdall”.

9m pole & spares R.R.P. £439.99 S.S.P. £359.99
10.6mtr Extension R.R.P. £139.99 S.S.P. £109.99
12.2mtr Extension R.R.P. £144.99 S.S.P. £114.99
Big Bore Top 2 Kit. R.R.P. £84.99 S.S.P. £69.99
Top 2 Cupping Kit ( 2 cups ) R.R.P. £82.99 S.S.P. £68.99

Foot NoteUKMA will be putting the Trilogy 2 Power Margin through its paces in spring and summer 2017, when the pole can well and truly be tested to its full potential, so until then watch this space