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Wed 03 August 16

UKMA have been field testing the Stinky Stuff range for a while now, with exceptional results. Just to show that the anglers on the bank are also having great success, we’ve just recieved the following blog from one of their very happy team members who had until recently never wet a line. Read on to find out how he got on during his first ever session

The Fishing Virgin!

Hi all, my name is Mark Potter and work behind the scenes with the company who manufacture Stinky Stuff.

I joined the company in October 2015, being asked to help with my experience in marketing and access to scientific research I had both in the UK and in the USA. Although I am confident with my knowledge and networking in these 2 specific areas, you might be surprised to hear that I have never fished before in my life.

The guys at Stinky Stuff have a wealth of knowledge of the angling industry and were already using a network of extremely experienced anglers from all over the world before I came on board, however they have continually ribbed me to get on the bank.

Since I came on board I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many anglers, some of whom are at the top of their game and many who admit to just enjoy the sport in a way that only people who fish will understand. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on the banks with these guys and I now class some of them as personal friends. They’ve helped me understand what I need to market and also what I need to feedback to our now well-established team of scientists, chemists and marine biologists.

For a while now our anglers at Stinky Stuff have been giving me grief to get fishing! This week, Warren Douglas, one of the guys who has helped with our testing loaned me his gear, promised to show me some tips and tricks. I decided to stop taking the grief and ribbing off our guys and get my hands dirty.

I set off to Hall Lane fisheries which is an amazingly clean well set out place where everyone is friendly the owners practically fall over themselves to help all anglers in all one of the nicest well kept fisheries I have visited. Hall Lane is in Lancashire in the North West of the UK, Just off Junction 27 on the M6.

Hall Lane fisheries

When I arrived, the sun was out and that always helps my mood.
Warren started our day, showing me how to set up rigs and tie hooks (this wasn’t anything like you see on Youtube).
After about an hour of instruction on setting up, we had all our baits and feeds set up on the side tray and it was time to start fishing.

I was given options by Warren for where to fish, but decided to go with 3 different swims, 2 margin swims and one about 14 ft directly in front of me.

We were using pellets and 3 different Stinky Stuff flavours (Crayfish, Bubblegum Cream and Draw) Crayfish to the left margin, Draw to the centre and Bubblegum Cream to the right margin.

I fed all 3 swims but started off in the centre one on the Draw (which is a fruity blend with a fast dispersal and tweaked amino concentrations)

It took all of about 45 seconds before the float went under and from this point on I was shitting myself!! Warren was saying “stay calm, there is no rush, be gentle with the pole and the fish, keep the pole low to the water and start to bring it in”!

The pressure was on I didn’t want to lose this bad boy, it felt like a 30lb er so I slowly and carefully brought it in and got it in the landing net, it was only a 5lb Carp but it was my first 5lb Carp and I was buzzing. From this point, I could understand the buzz that anglers get when they’re fishing.

However, then the words “go on then unhook it” were uttered by Warren and now I really was shitting it, “how hard do you hold them?” I was thinking, I didn’t want to hurt the fish. “Be firm but gentle” Warren said, WHAT?? How the hell can you be firm but gentle? You soon learn that’s all I will say.

Yipee the fish was out unhooked and posing with me for a picture!! Then 1 min later it was in the keepnet.

We had asked for special permission to use the net even though we were pleasure fishing/training, and like I said the owner was more than happy to help us out.

Thanks again Richard.

Now I needed to calm down for a second, the pellet was given a blast of Stinky Stuff then it was straight back in. A minute went by and the float disappeared again and I was sweating again.

Warren was in my ear “calm down its just the same as before take it easy no rush” before I knew it there was another going in the net.

Then another, then another and so on..

A very nice mixed bag

The variety of fish I was pulling out was amazing.

Throughout the session, a small handful of ‘feed pellets’ were carefully thrown into each swim. I had a different tub of pellets for each swim and each one had been sprayed with a different flavour of Stinky Stuff. The left hand margin with Crayfish gave a proper whiff, however my other Swims certainly made up for it with the sweet smell of the Draw and Bubblegum Cream.

Moving between swims, I matched my banded hook pellet (you see I’m now an expert with these terms) with a blast of the can of Stinky Stuff for that swim. Although I’m very familiar with the properties of Stinky Stuff that stimulate the fish to feed, Warren was telling me that during the session, the fish in each swim had built up confidence with feed that was going in. The sheer strength of the Stinky Stuff was keeping them coming back for more.

People say fishing is so relaxing! I’m not sure about that. I was busy, but it was exciting the rush of adrenalin when that float goes under and you lift the pole and you feel it hooked, it is just something else.

I carried on all day (I think warren was a bit miffed as his arse didn’t even see the box that day)

It was then time to pack up and I asked warren if I could get 1 more? He said agreed and started to pack up. Before I knew it 5 more fish in the net and Warren had packed everything away apart from the box I was on and the pole in my hand! (result) sorry warren I will pack up next time promise.

I ended up with approx. 2 × 50lb nets which I’m told by Warren is pretty good, now whilst I put it all down to my amazing skill ;-) I think I have to give a bit of credit to Warren for the excellent instruction and of course the Stinky Stuff!

Who am I kidding!! It was Warren’s instruction and the Stinky Stuff all the way and ended up being an amazing day. I’ve not only got the pics to prove it but the sunburn too!

Stinky Stuff proved to be a hit at Hall Land and can be purchased at www.StinkyStuff.Fishing

Hall lane fisheries proved to be a great day out. It was £7 (£5 Concessions) for a day’s fishing, which I found great value for money.

Tight Lines

Mark Potter