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Tue 24 January 17

Pete Upperton joins Bag’em matchbaits

The UKMA Hq have just received the following press release from Bag’em Matchbaits media manager Caroline Reed.

It’s gives us great pleasure here at Bag ‘Em Matchbaits to welcome on board yet another top angler Pete Upperton.
Pete is no stranger in the angling world after winning a record breaking £65,000 prize pot in 2015 MAVER MEGA MATCH THIS FINAL.

Pete is an outstanding angler and fishes commercials up and down the country he is also one of the nicest and most approachable guys on the bank. Pete is always happy to help and very rarely holds any info back if your after advise. It’s great to have yet another professional like Pete on board and already within the few weeks he’s been with the team here at Bag ‘Em Matchbaits he’s already been putting some great ideas forward for some new products.