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Over the coming months, members of the Bag’em Matchbaits team will be passing on tips and information on how to approach numerous different venues all over the country. They will let you know what tackle, baits and tactics produce the goods and how they got the best out of there peg on the day. This will become a unique guide into how to approach numerous venues from some of the company’s top rods including Neil Machin, Lee Thornton, Pete Goodman, Lee Taylor and many more. So if you are visiting a venue for the first time, keep coming back to the ‘In Session’ feature, you never know you might just learn something that will make a huge difference next time you’re out on the bank.

Anglers name Lee Taylor
Sponsors Hardy/Greys & Bag'em Matchbaits
Venue Barston Lake, Solihull
Peg No 18

Hardy Marksman Supero Extreme distance feeder 12ft, with the Daiwa TDM 4012 reel for company.

The business end was made up with a Kobra small 30g Method feeder, connected to a Greys Prodigy quick change swivel tied to 6lb Guru Drag Line.

My chosen hook length was the New Greys Prodigy X Bitefinda Hook Rigs in a size 14.

My method mix was 75%  Bag'em Commercial Carp and 25% Bag’em XP and my chosen hook bait for the session was the Bag’em Fluro Pop Ups


The Session

I thought there may be fish in my peg, as this peg had produced good weights in recent weeks. The Key to fishing Barston on the method is finding those gravel beds and ledges. I’ve learned it pays to search your swim with a heavy bomb feeling your way through your swim so you know what’s out there. Its no good just chucking the method out not knowing if your fishing into silt and your method feeder sinking through the silt and the fish not even knowing that its there. Knowing this peg quite well, I would have to cast my Bomb up to 100 yards to find a huge gravel bed and as I pulled my bomb across the lake bed I could tell that the Gravel bed was some 20 to 30 yards across, so I decided to cast at around 80 yards to start with.

I started the session off by casting every minute to get some feed down for the 1st 30 minutes of the match, if fish were to turn up, I would need some bait introduced to hold them and keep them interested, then after the first hour I usually cast after every 10 minutes. It took 45 minutes for my first pull round and I was rewarded with a F1 around 2lb. A slow start I thought, so decided to put another 10 yards on the cast and start searching my swim. This change of tactic produced an 8lb common and this is where I then re-clipped up and over the next two hours I put together a few more f1’s and several bigger carp up to the 12lb mark.




I found that it paid to keep changing my Bagem Fluro pop up boilie as in the colour to keep them interested and this proved to be the method on the day with a match win in the first round of the Barston Masters with 71lb 12 oz of carp. I think by paying that extra attention to what was under the water helped me win the match. The biggest tip I can offer is choosing the correct consistency of Method Mix to the depth of water you are fishing on the day. I have learned that by adding XP to your Mix helps it break up faster and as I was I only had 3ft of water in front of me, I feel that this encouraged bites quicker releasing my Bag’em Fluro pop up boilie hook bait quicker.


Anglers name Amer Jawad
Sponsors Daiwa & Bag'em Matchbaits
Venue Cross Drove fishery, Lakenheath, Suffolk
Peg No 42
Tackle Daiwa Airity Pole

0.13 line and Daiwa grey hydro elastic for my island swims.
0.11 line and Daiwa white hydro elastic for the deeper open water swims.
Pole floats were Preston Chianti in sizes 4 x 10 for the island and 4 x 14 for the deeper open water swims.
Gamakatsu size 18 pellet hooks for all rigs.

Bag'em 2mm micro pellets for feed and 4mm Bag'em expander pellets for the hook.
Bag'em XP natural groundbait mixed soft for the shallower island swims.
Bag'em krill pellet binder later in the session for the deeper water.


The Session

I was very pleased with my draw which put me on peg 42. The peg has more room than most on the lake due to pegs switching banks at peg 42. I started the match in the deeper open water in front of me, after an hour I couldn't really string any number of fish together but knew there were plenty of fish as I was getting line bites! I decided a move to the shallower island swim might be the answer but only had the one bite and a small
F1 carp was all I could muster from that line. Back to the middle deeper water swim proved just as frustrating and again couldn't put anything together so a change was in order, I sprinkled some of the new Bag'em krill pellet binder onto my micro pellets to try and concentrate the fish down in the water and hopefully put them where I wanted them. Bingo! It worked a treat and put together 35 small brown goldfish for 45lb 12oz for 4th in the match.



I was very pleased to turn my match around and get in the frame, it just proves we are always learning even after years of match fishing. The lake had a strong surface tow today and the addition of the new pellet binder was key!

Top Tip - On days when the fish back off the ground bait and want pellets, binding micro pellets could be the answer.


Anglers name Pemb Wrighting
Sponsors Maver & Bag’em Matchbaits.
Venue Gold Lake, Gold Valley, Hampshire.
Peg No 25
Tackle Waggler - I personally use the Maver Reactorlite 11ft waggler rod teamed to a 3000 size Maver Reactorlite reel loaded with 0.20 Maver Jurassic line to a 0.20 Genesis
hook length. My hook was a size 12 Maver Invincible Eyed hook with a hair-rigged bait band. My chosen float for the session was the Maver Flighted Loaded Poly wag in 5ssg size. 
Feeder - Maver Reactorlite10ft 6in feeder rod, teamed to a 3000 size Maver
Reactorlite reel that was loaded with 8lb Dual Band main line. My bomb rig was a box standard free running system with a 1oz bomb for hold and accuracy.



The Session

I started off on the waggler loose feeding the venues own 8mm pellets regularly, introducing roughly about 10 at a time. After 3 hours I was doing well with ten carp in the net to my waggler approach. Then disaster struck. A nasty wind got up just as I was expecting my best spell of the match, making my presentation on the waggler next to useless. I tried fishing on the bottom with a bomb and pellet but no bites were forth coming. The fish were definitely still feeding up in the water as I could pick out the odd swirl amongst the ripples. I just couldn't get the presentation needed. So on went with a longer hook length, a 4 foot one with a small Bag’em Fluro pop up attached.  The idea was to pop my bait up off the bottom to where the fish were feeding, but because it was anchored to my bomb it would be held stationary in the feeding zone. I used a purple coloured one as I find its best to use a darker coloured bait the nearer the surface you fish. It’s all to do with fish silhouetting it against the sky (ask any specimen angler).


Conclusion- The rest of the session went well with carp coming to the net at regular intervals. Something that definitely wouldn't of happened if I would have given up as such and fished on the bottom.


Anglers name Dale Calvert
Sponsors Bag’em Matchbaits/Middy Tackle
Venue Wrightington Fishery, Rivington View, nr Wigan
Peg No 7
Duration of session 3 hours
Tackle Rig Middy Carp Grey Series 3 4x10
Mainline Middy Lo-Viz Flourocrystal 0.14, with a 6" hook length comprising of Middy Lo-Viz 0.12 to a Middy 93-13 size 18
Presentation Pole just touching the deck next to the island.

The Session
I kicked things off by feeding Bag'em's 2mm strawberry moist feeder pellets and I fishing Bag'ems 4mm natural expander pellets sprayed with their strawberry flavour to give the feed and hook baits a balanced flavour. The first fish came within 30 seconds, a nice 6lbs mirror. I then Shipped out and fed a dozen more pellets together with a couple of 4mm's. I shipped out and instantly was into another fish, this time a nice 8 pounder this time and with the aid of a Pull It bung my Middy Hi-Viz 8-10 made light work of this proper chunk. I then hipped out again and a vicious take on a double strawberry 4mm expander using an identical rig but with a size 14 hook this time. This carp was easily 10lbs and it was eventually lost in the rushes near the island which killed the swim.

TOP TIPHaving lost such a big fish and spooking anything that was feeding in the area, I had to try something different. So I decided to powder coat my feed and hook baits with new the Bag 'em Maggot and Meat powder and after a couple of put in's, I was able to get the swim going again.


Conclusion – By reducing the feed content and adding nothing more than a cloud and flavour I was able to save the day and get my swim working again. I eventually ended up with over 50lb in 3 hours and in a match situation this could have earned me at least a section win. By being versatile and adapting to situations, you can also turn what looks like a bad session into a potential winning situation.

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