Tri-Cast EVA Sealed Large Net bag

Tue 10 September 13


After a year of field testing the TRI-CAST luggage range, the UKMA team have learned to appreciate how good it is. Amongst the products we have already used and abused was the standard EVA Sealed Netbag which performed superbly (original article can be read HERE). The only thing about the standard netbag was it could only store 2 keepnets and a couple of landing net heads, ideal for the river or commercial fishery angler but if you fish big weight venues you need a netbag that will comfortably store at least three keepnets and a couple of landing net heads. To offer you the angler the perfect solution, TRI-CAST have now released the new for 2013 EVA SEALED LARGE NETBAG. So as per usual UKMA contacted the Lancashire based company and they generously sent one down for us to use and abuse, read on for the full lowdown on this spacious multi-net transportation solution.

Tri-Cast EVA Sealed Large Net Bag 1

Vital Statistics

The EVA SEALED LARGE NETBAG is a mat black in colour, with white trimming around the lid has the TRI-CAST logo on both faces. It measures in at 26

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