Drennan Feeder and Method Mono

Wed 15 April 15


Field Tested

It’s not very often that a reel line hits the market that really stands out from the crowd. However, based on super feedback from the match angling fraternities, the UKMA team contacted Oxfordshire based Drennan international and asked if we could do a field test on their critically acclaimed Feeder & Method Mono. For all of you who haven’t seen it before, read on as we give you the down low on this top quality mono reel line.

Drennan Feeder & Method Mono

Vital Statistics

As the name suggests, the Drennan Feeder & Method Mono is a mono-filament reel line specifically designed to cope with the rigours of modern feeder fishing tactics. This pale brown mono is fast sinking, very smooth to the touch, as it has been specially coated to give it a slick surface finish increasing potential casting distances achievable when in use. The lines outer coating allows it to cut under the water sur