Hillbilly winter patterns

Tue 02 November 10


For you are one of the many of match anglers who fish winter leagues and open matches through out the winter months up and down the country on the local fish soup. Then you should be well prepared to face the daunting task of breaking the ice when permitted, just to sit there and hope that the already disturbed fish may be stupid enough to take your hook bait and offer you some kind of sport before you actually freeze to death on the bank. Then you will know that if your presentation is not perfect, then bite may not register or pass totally unnoticed.

One way of ensuring that all bites, liners and movement are perfectly registered on the surface, is to make the right float selection. At this time of year, the use of ultra-fine sight tips, with slim carbon or wire stems have become the essential components of many of the new patterns that most match anglers now choose for winter tactics. These floats offer unrivalled sensitivity and strength, as well as superb stability and presentation. They also give the anglers who uses them a far superior bite indication over anglers using other patterns with thicker glass stems and sight tips.

One of the pole float manufacturer who has got the balance between sensitivity, stability and strength down to a very fine art is hand made float maker Hillbilly. He has adapted and fine tuned some already established designs and made them work perfectly in winter angling situations. There are also three individual designs that are made specifically for these types of angling situations, read on as we go through the Hillbilly Winter Pole Float selection and show you what the range has to offer the commercial, canal and small river angler.

HB Chumps

Available in the following sizes 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 & 0.5g with red or yellow tips.