Hillbilly Floats - Dweezils

Thu 13 March 14


When fishing the long pole is a necessary tactic and presenting baits on either the deck or in deeper than average swims, the two key features for your chosen float pattern should be strength and most importantly stability. The float should incorporate a tip bristle that will allow you to get the body below the surface skim in windy conditions whilst offering good visibility and bite indication. The floats Body shape is also critical, get your selection wrong and your rig will get dragged around by the surface skim and ruin your presentation. So to point you in the right direction UKMA have done a bit of research and found a little gen that we think you should have a real good look at.

Dweezils image

The Dweezils from the excellent HillBilly hand made float range, incorporates a long 1mm thick flexible fibreglass stem which as well as making the float incredibly stable even in the deepest of swims, it also makes it a dream to use when