Hillbilly Floats The Oliver Power

Thu 03 April 14


With the majority of established hand made pole float manufacturers basically producing product aimed at commercial fishery tactics. The UKM team went on-line in search of a float pattern that was suitable for fishing natural venues on the whip when targeting mixed stocks including roach, rudd, perch, skimmers and the occasional bonus fish including bream, tench and carp. We were looking for a pattern which offered the user, stable presentation, durability and most important strength. One pattern that caught the UKMA teams eye was the excellent Oliver pattern from Staffordshire based HILLBILLY FLOATS. So we contacted Neil Powell, the man behind the company and he generously sent down a few samples for us to have a play with, read on for the full low down on these incredibly well made floats.

HB Oliver Powers

Vital Statistics

The OLIVER POWER is based on the now famous Chianti style float but with improved materials and manufacturing processes now being used to greatly increase the floats all round performance and strength. The OLIVER is built on a 0.6 diameter black carbon stem and utilises Tech1 foam for the body. This ultra buoyant material gives the OLIVER a maximum shot capacity to body size ratio, basically meaning in comparison to standard balsa body of the same size, the shot required when using a Tech 1 Foam body is always far greater and more constant. These versatile floats are fitted with 1.5 diameter Hi-Viz tips and fitted with Finesse spring eyes and with the tips cut 3mm longer to allow for their fitting. This pattern is ideally suited for most baits but excels when used for maggot, caster on the deck or up in the water and 4 or 6mm expander pellets on the deck.

HB Oliver Powers srip

Final Thoughts

The OLIVER POWER has proven to be perfectly adapted to the requirements we sourced it for, which was bagging on a whip. It