Hillbilly Floats - Ratcatcher 3

Sun 01 June 14


HILLBILLY FLOATS are amongst the best hand crafted pole floats currently available on the internet. The Staffordshire based float maker has established a range of pole floats over the years that perform their designated tasks perfectly whilst offering assured strength and durability, which are the critical factors when any match angler is selecting a pole float. The UKMA team have been having another look at his range to find a float pattern that is perfectly suited to fishing shallow in open water or shallow marginal and island features, Introducing the RATCATCHER 3.

Ratcatcher 3 main image

Vital Statistics

The RATCATCHER3 is the latest addition to the very popular Ratcatcher series and features the quick setting shape of the RC2 but with a slightly larger body and a thicker 2.5 diameter x 18mm long hollow hi-viz tip for extra buoyancy and visibility. The RC3


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