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Wed 03 February 10


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UKMA: Can you explain briefly how you got into angling?

Neil Powell (NP): I started at the age of six fishing my local Trent and Mersey canal with my father and soon became interested in fishing competitively first at juvenile level followed by club and ultimately open matches.

UKMA: How did you start in the angling trade?

NP: I had always made a lot of my own floats from about the age of ten and when I made the switch to fishing the commercials for carp I quickly realised that most floats available from the tackle shops could be improved on. I then started to make stronger floats for myself and a few friends as a hobby.

Hillbilly in action

UKMA: What made you decide to start your own business within the angling industry?

NP: I began to get more and more requests for my floats and decided to have a go at it full time about two years ago when I started my Hillbilly Floats business (Hillbilly is my nickname on the angling websites) and have been more than happy with the progress the company has made. I now supply customers all over the UK and Ireland and my products have reached as far as France, Austria, Spain and Australia.

UKMA: How long has the company been running?

NP: I have been float making full time for about four years now.

UKMA: How do you see the future with regards to company expansion over the forthcoming years?

NP: I have no plans to become a large company because I like to make each float myself. This is the only way to ensure that quality is maintained. However I am always trying to increase output to cope with demand by adopting new methods and materials as long as product quality is either maintained or better still improved by doing so.


Visit the Website: http://www.hillbillyfloats.co.uk/


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