Drennan Carp 4

Thu 25 February 16


With the amount of punishment a pole float goes through in a match, it’s surprising that the majority make it to the end of the day! These days pole float manufacturers have come to learn that the modern day match angler requires poles floats that will pass the test of time, without compromise. Taking this on board, Oxfordshire based Drennan have over recent years revamped their pole float range, by making changes where necessary, to improve the all round strength and performance of their floats. One float pattern recently added to their range that is well worth a mention are the Carp 4, read on as we take a good look at what they have to offer you the angler.

Drennan Carp 4 Pole floats

Vital Statistics

These short, well constructed floats incorporate a short and relatively thick 2.5mm hollow Glow Tip, which gives these floats excellent visibility properties. The extra buoyancy this gives also enables you to fish with larger hook baits including meat,sweetcorn and large pellets. The floats 1mm black fibreglass stem is bonded securely into the body, this relatively short stem gives the float a very robust structure. A double-wound spring eye is fitted and this is designed to add additional strength and performance when the float is put under extreme pressure.pressure. The final component is the special, toughened acrylic paint finish, which creates an ultra-tough