Drennan Carp 1

Thu 21 May 15


Over the years pole float manufacturing processes and the materials used have vastly improved. These changes have meant that you can now buy a massed produced float, that will last more than a session, unlike many of the old school floats specifically designed for commercial fishery work. Oxfordshire based Drennan were one of the first companies to release a dedicated range of pole floats for the commercial fishery angler. They’ve now taken things to another level with the release of their new for 2015 range of floats. Read on as the UKMA team put the Carp 1 range under the spotlight.

Drennan Carp 1

Vital Statistics

The Drennan Carp 1 is the first in an all-new family of pole floats built with reliable strength, durability and sensitivity as the key factor considered whilst in development. Each float is made from the highest-grade balsa for optimum buoyancy and given a special ultra-tough, acrylic, aqua blue painted finish to reduce the chance of your main line cutting into the floats body.

Black lightweight spring eye

The Carp 1 floats also feature Drennan’s very own unique black stain


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